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the outsider essay

by Rogelio M., Age 12 , Grade 7, south east junior high, ia USA
Teacher: Keller wilson

What would you do if you were running from the law?I would just turn myself in and tell them the truth. In In the book The Outsiders by s.e. Hinton Johnny a member of the greasers a gang Johnny is like the gang's pet.And when johnny and his friend were jumped by soc’s Johnny was scared and he killed someone.Johnny is able to be a good friend because he is friendly,open friendship, and caring.

One thing that johnny shows in the story is that  johnny is sensitive.Johnny and his friend Ponyboy are sensitive because like to look at the sunsets and that is sensitive because their greasers. People said ““...he was sensitive and that isn’t a good way to be when you’re a greaser”pg 88 .This shows that Johnny is sensitive because greasers are supposed to be tough and mean.

Johnny is scared because in the park  he was jumped and now he carries a switchblade that shows that he is scared.People say  “I had never been jumped, but I had seen Johnny after four Socs got hold of him, and it wasn't pretty”. Johnny was scared of his own shadow after that. Johnny was sixteen then”pg 4.By carrying a switchblade and being scared of his own shadow this shows that johnny is scared.

When  Johnny’s parents aren't physically and or verbally abusing him, they're ignoring him this shows johnny is lonely.People say “He would have run away a million times if we hadn't been there. If it hadn't been for the gang, Johnny would never have known what love and affection are”pg12.By his parents not being their for johnny and ignoring him shows that johnny is lonely.All of this proves that Johnny is sensitive,scared,and lonely.

All of this prove that Johnny is is friendly,open friendship,and caring.All of this prove that even Johnny killed someone that he was protecting his best friend from drowning.In conclusion after something bad happen that everything went back to normal and Johnny’s death was in memory for saving those little kids.


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