egey poetry is fen to wright

by zoe b., Age 13 , Grade 8, edwerds folton juner high, folton, ILINOY USA
Teacher: ms. mckendrer

i wonder why they fear to die
or rather they fear the un knowen
but try as i mite to shed some fant light
they fear the retern to ther home.

i like magnets
magnets are fun
they stik together or they run
like evry frend ship iv ever had
because my hapyness is sumthing bad

when i was littel i loved to sing
but mor i liked the fear in their eyes
so i wast alowd to play with the kids
because i never playd nicely

when i was yoger  
i wanted to be the monster
i wanted to be the thing that they feard
but it workd on all the rong people

its fun to be sneky
fun to be stelthy
fun to hunt your pray
but they wont want to play
if their not in on the game.

they sent me away 
for three years and a day
on the grounds of me being completly insain
and i gess you could say they wrer right.

tho that was five years ago.

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