Valedictorian speech

by Alease L., Age 12 , Grade 7, Riverstone International School, Boise, IDAHO USA
Teacher: Charissa Rausch

Alease Lindner

Mrs. Rausch

IB English 7


Valedictorian Speech

I stand backstage reading off note cards, making my final preparations before my valedictorian speech. As I continue preparations, an ear piercing sound like the crackling of a firework aggressively jolts me back to reality. I look around and see everyone running around the auditorium in chaos like a ten high school boys with just one pizza. I see a man near the stage holding a gun pointed towards the ceiling. He is caucasian, wearing all black clothing, and looks suspicious. The auditorium fills with terrified screams, and my heart practically leaping out of my chest like a frog jumping off a lilypad. I look around and see that there is a door with an exit sign above that looks about thirty feet away from me. I sprint as fast as I can towards the large black door with the bright red exit sign above, but when I get there a scary looking man steps in front of me. He is dressed in black, is about 6’3, and has tattoos completely covering his arms.

“You can't leave yet,” he says in a menacing voice.

“Excuse me! Let me out right now, you meathead!” I exclaim.

“What are you gonna do about it little girl?” he says in a mocking tone.

Hearing a loud screech, I turn my head to see the man I assume is the leader of the group pick up the microphone. A voice screams through the microphone in a frustrated manner as if the leader is to unintelligent to realize that the microphone is already amplifying the sound.

“Nobody is leaving until we find Alex Williams” The leader of the shooters says.

“Wait why do you guys need Alex?” a senior asks in a worried tone.

Ignoring the question the leader starts speaking again. “So who wants to be brave and step up to tell us a little about your friend Alex. C’mon don't be shy. We won’t hurt you if you just tell us what we want to know. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Your friend Alex sells drugs, and he was supposed to give us 30 kilos of cocaine, but instead he stole our money and made a run for it. So now we have to come to our last option, you guys. We are going to hold you hostage until we know everything that you know about Alex.

“You!” he says pointing at the senior who had asked about Alex.

“Yeah…?” she mumbles quietly.

“What do u know about Alex?” he asks in a demanding tone.

“I… I don't know anything” she mumbles.

He raises a small pistol and points it towards the girl, “Tell us what you know or your dead”

“He told me he went to Kansas on a family road trip. I guess not. He is a Canadian citizen so he could be there. But really I’m telling the truth I don’t know.” she said nervously

“Tell us more” He says

“Like what?” she asks

“You know what kind of car he drives?” he asks.

“It’s a red GMC Sierra” She says.

The man who was previously standing at the door glares at me. He asks me if I know Alex. I tell him the truth, that I do know Alex, I know him really well. The man at the stage with all the tattoos points his gun towards me.

“Speak up” he says.

“No!” I say defiantly.

“C’mon little girl we both know that there are only two ways to do this. We can do it the easy way” he moves his head back and forth, turns the corners of his mouth up, and looks up as if he is in deep thought. “Or we can do it my way. It really is truly your choice” he says with an expression on his face that looks as menacing as a snake.

“I’m not telling you anything. So forget about it, let us go and I none of us will call the cops.” I was lying if they let us go I was for sure calling the cops.

“Fine I guess it will be the hard way then” He says with a heavy sigh.

“You don't have the guts to shoot us because you just came to find Alex. I know that you don't want to kill any of us. You just want to know where Alex is, but we told you all we are going to tell you. So you should let us go before I call the cops”

“Oh little girl, poor poor, little girl. You don't know me! I could kill you and go on with my day like it never even happened, so why don't you just tell me what you know before I shoot.” he says in an aggravated tone.

“I already told you that my lips are sealed!” I scream

He loads a round of bullets into his pistol.

My heart starts racing. I watch as his finger slowly pulls the trigger back, and the small black bullet spins towards me.

I try to dodge the bullet but it hits me in my arm.


I shriek in pain and it starts to get hard to breath, then my vision goes blurry from the pain. I try to sit down slowly but instead I loose control and my butt hits the ground aggressively like a boulder falling off of a cliff and onto another boulder. I can hear faint voices screaming at me but I am too shocked to make out the words. Then my vision clears enough that I can see the large figures in which are screaming at me. I stand up after what seemed like hours but then the man who was yelling at me raises his pistol and points it towards me and the bullet whirls into me….


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