Book Reviews

My Life's a Cartoonist

by Pari T., Age 15 , Grade 8, Rundlett midle school, Concord, NH USA
Teacher: Mrs.Florino

____Pari  tiwari 

I choose this book because the cover looks interesting.

Derek always draw a pictures about his life and at home his dad told  him that he improved his drawing.Frank is the character of this book also has a pet monkey and he thinks and makes comic book but it calls cartoonists plus other books to . Also he is 12 years old he also have a 3 friends names are Derek,umbertos and crash but Derek use wheelchair also his friend always stealing Derek ideas,Frank has a disability 
In his learning umberto is always bullying also that is in school.  

I think everyone's loves this books because this books 
Has a lots of new word which is some people don't know.


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