The Government

by Alease L., Age 12 , Grade 7, Alease Lindner, Boise, IDAHO USA
Teacher: Mrs. Rausch


The Government

On the day I was born, there was poison deposited in me that would activate on the day I was supposed to die. I have now lived two days past my death date.

My best friend Julie died today. I went with her younger sister, Jackie, to the government building so we could say goodbye to her in her casket. Something weird happened there though: when her sister needed to sign papers, the official took out a big black folder. He slammed it on the desk, but when he opened it, there was a picture of Julie sleeping. The picture wasn’t of Julie dead, but of Julie alive. I could see the tattoo on her arm. At birth, everyone has the date they will die tattooed on their arm. I’m not sure why everyone needs to know when they will die, plus what if somebody dies before that in a car crash or something, or what if they live longer than the date on their arm? I have always wondered why the date on their arm is always right, I have never understood it and I don't think I ever will. Between my thoughts and the weird picture of Julie, I was confused. I wanted to ask about the picture, but I was fearful if I did the official would get mad and kick me out. 

The whole time we were at the government building, I couldn't help thinking about why they had a picture of Julie. As I continued to ponder the thought, I started wondering if maybe the employees of the government building were actually murderers. I mean why else would they have that picture?

“Hey Jackie” I said.

“Ya?” she asked. 

“Why do you think that the people at the government building had a picture of Julie while she was sleeping” I asked in a concerned tone.

“Uhm.. I don't know. Why do you care?” She said slightly annoyed.

“Well I just think it's weird that they would have a picture of her when she was sleeping. I mean they could've done anything with, or to her. Obviously if they have that picture they either had video cameras in your house or they were stalking her. I think we should investigate because don't you think it's weird that they would like know where you guys live and stuff? I said in a confused tone.

“Don’t meddle around in anyone else's business. It doesn't matter why they had it. I mean, we knew she was going to die and now that it’s happened; we just need to accept it. Just go along with your life and stay out of it. Okay?” she asked hopefully.

“Fine,” I said with a heavy sigh.

I definitely wasn't going to listen to her. I was for sure going to “meddle.”  I needed to know why they had that picture. For the next three days I spent my time spying on the government. During that time period, I figured out the government was killing people on the date given on their arm. I tried to tell Julie that the government was killing people, but she told me that it was nonsense. Four days had passed since I had now figured out that somehow the government had been killing people, and I figured out how: poison. 

Five days had passed since I found out the government is killing people. I looked at my arm in the shower and realized I was supposed to die in one day. I knew I had to figure out a way to  get away before I was poisoned. 

I decided I would runaway. I was crawling through barb wire when my skin started burning and I felt warm liquid streaming down my arm. I finished crossing though the barb wire and glanced at my arm, I realized that I had cut it badly. There was a creek near by that I could wash it off in. I let the cold stream water run on my arm until it looked clean, then I got a paper towel and tried to dab it dry. There was something hard in the cut though. I reached my fingers into my cut as it bled profusely. As I screamed in pain, I pulled out a small tube with a thick bluish - purple liquid. The tube was definitely injected through my tattoo. I had the sudden realization that the the tube was in my body to release poison m— poison that would kill me on my given death date! I knew I needed to expose the government, and I had the perfect plan to do just that.

First, I would need to get home so I could experiment on a small animal to make sure that my analogy was right. Then, I would make a video, so people could see that the government was actually poisoning people. Last I would post the video all over youtube and social media and send it out to ALL my contacts. 

When I finally returned home, I set up tons of sticky mouse traps all over my apartment so that a mouse would stick to it; then I could poison it. When I woke up the next morning, I injected a small amount of poison from my arm into the mouse and watched. It only took 16.19 seconds for the mouse to die, so I knew that my theory was correct. All I needed to do was to show the world what happens when the poison was realized into one’s body. 

I watched the video on playback….

“Hi everyone. So you guys know about our tattoos and how we are supposed to die on that date right? The other day I got this cut on my arm right where my tattoo was. When I was cleaning a cut, I found this inside it —” I turned the camera so people could see what the tube of poison looked like. “I started thinking about why people die when their date says so and figured out that this little tube of poison is how the government has been killing us. Don't believe me? Well that’s okay, I can prove it. I will now take this mouse and inject the poison in him. Impressive right? So now you know that the government is killing us. So lets start a revolution against the Government!”

The video has been up for two years now and has over three billion views. The government building was burnt down with everyone in it. Within just two months of the video being posted.









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