The Accident

by Hailey W., Age 12 , Grade 7, Riverstone International School, Boise , IDAHO USA
Teacher: Charrisa Raucsh

The Accident

I am secretly texting my friend in math class about going over to her house after school. Her name is Sophia. She is my best friend, and I would do anything for her. The class is finally over, we walk to her car when two other friends come to us. They ask if they can come with us, and of course we say sure, why not. I wish we would have had an intuition as to what was going to happen. We get in the car, and it is hot from the summer sun. As we start driving, we are not  watching the road as well as we should’ve and no seatbelt’s were on. I hear Jessica, one of my friends, in the back of the car scream. We look back and she is pointing to the road in front of us. There is a big pickup truck heading straight toward our car. Sophia jerks the wheel and the car flips over landing upside down in a ditch. I look at all of the passengers, and they are not moving. Blood is everywhere. Everything goes blurry and the last thing I see are the boots of the man in the pick up truck. I try to keep myself  awake, but I can’t. I smell the strong scent of gasoline dripping from the car, and then everything goes black. 

I wake up with nurses all around me, and I mutter “Sophia” and they all look down. “What’s going on,” I say as I try to get up from the hospital bed, but they all push me down again. I see them add morphine in a bag that was hanging from the rack next to my bed. I feel horrible pain in my neck. I do not understand what is happening until they start pulling on something in my neck. I start to scream in pain and blood drips onto my hospital gown. I see the doctor take a piece of glass out of my neck. 

“Whats going on,” I say to the nurse.

 She says “you were in a very bad car crash and a piece of glass went into your neck and you almost died.”

“What about Sophia, what happened to her,” I say worried?

I look over and through the opening in the curtains beside me I see her. Her bed is surrounded by doctors and nurses.

The nurse says “ She has suffered severe brain damage. The doctors are doing everything they can.

 I hear them tell Sophia’s mom that she is not going to make it. I start to cry when my mom runs into the hospital room and hugs me as tight as she possibly can.

“Sophia, I say to my mom. Can I see Sophia’s mom please. Hurry mom, I have to see Sophia’s mom now.”

 Sophia’s mom walks in and is crying even more than me. 

“Hi,” she says.

“Hi,” I say back.

“You wanted to see me,” she asks.

“I think you should know that Sophia and I talked about donating our organs several times. 

Sophia wanted to donate her organs incase something ever happened to her,” I say.

“Ok,” she says slowly walking out of the room.

I watch as they unhook her from the heart monitor and take the tube out of her throat.

 The doctor says,  “prep for organ transplant surgery.”

I know that she is gone when I hear them say that. 

Four days later I attend Sophia’s Funeral. Jessica from the backseat is here. I was so happy to see the other girls who was riding in the car with us when the accident happened. They only suffered minor injuries we are so lucky to be alive. I heard the priest say that eleven of her organs saved eleven people. That is when I smiled for the first time ever since the accident.

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