Death is just another thing

by Diana D., Age 12 , Grade 6, High Tech Middle, San Diego, CALIFORNIA USA
Teacher: Mrs. Mary

Once upon  a time in a church, far, far away there was a small girl sitting in a pew. She was at a funeral.   3 years before, her grandma had found out that she had Leukemia, a cancer of blood-forming tissues, weakening the body’s ability to fight off infections.  Her grandma had fought, fought, and kept on fighting  until the very end.  Sky, which was the girl’s name, had been feeling miserable, she had never gotten to say goodbye to her grandmother.  The pastor finished reading from the bible and sat down.  The funeral was over and it was reception time.  Sky quietly rose and walked toward the coffin.  She stopped a few feet away from it and stared down at her lifeless grandmother.  Her face was full of makeup, and that face did not look like grandma.  She reached down and even though she knew that she was not supposed to do  this, she reached down and touched her arm.

       All of a sudden a pain went through Sky’s hand, and the world around her seemed to fade, but right as everything disappeared, the world started to reshape. The air that Sky breathed was fresher, in some way, she looked down and saw grass.  And when she looked up again, she was staring into some bright  eyes, her grandmother? eyes!  

  “Gr-Grandma?” she stuttered disbelievingly.

   The old lady looked down at her grandchild and beamed at her.  Sky could not believe it, but what was the reason that her grandma was there did not matter to her, all that mattered was that Kris needed to run up to her grandma and  hug her.  When they released, Sky got a good look at where she was, grass was going on and on for miles and miles, and the sky was cloudy.

  “Where are we?” Sky asked.

  “Somewhere.”  Her grandma replied.

 “Where is that, and why are you here, I thought you were dead.” Sky said.

 “Sometimes when a loved one has passed away, a person does not get to say goodbye, so that person gets to visit one more time to completely say goodbye,” “And this is where I stay, I get to stay in here until I find a family that I think will suit me and I start all over again as a baby.

“So how long do I stay here?”

 “Until you say the words goodbye.”

Sky looked at her grandma, “But I could stay here forever!”

  “Yes, that is true, but your family will miss you if you don´t leave.” Her grandma said sadly.

   Sky looked up at her grandma, she had only just gotten there, why leave so quickly? The grandma said:

 “Listen, I know that it is hard, but you need to understand that dying is just another part of life.”

Sky started to say goodbye, but then she said,

“When I get home will you always be watching me?” she questioned.

 “Yes, forever”

 “Ok,” Sky sniffled gloomley.   “GOODBYE!”

 And she was gone forever.



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