The Spaceship

by Kahlan P., Age 11 , Grade 6, High Tech Middle, San Diego, CA USA
Teacher: Ms. Mary Williams

The Spaceship

The spaceship hurtled through the air just as the sun exploded. It shot out of the galaxy and into the Milky-Way, Tirls neighboring galaxy. Pele, Sky, Lonehope, Mist, Flower, Luna and Love all gasped in horror as the other spaceship caught fire. It exploded with a bang.

As they entered the Milky-Way the looked around in awe. There were planets everywhere and every planet had at least one moon. Looking out the spaceship window Sky saw a planet with green and blue patches it. She pointed this out to Mist.  “I believe that is where we should go,” Mist said. “The blue could be water.”

Sky looked around as she jumped off the spaceship. They had landed in a large field with many  flowers. She headed back to the spaceship just as her friends were leaving.

“I think we need to head into the trees,” Mist declared. “They will offer us some protection against the wind, and we can figure out what to do.¨

¨No,” Love objected. ¨We do not know what the dangers are in there, we might get hurt or lost.¨

Mist glared at her. “I am the leader of this group and I say we are going into the trees.”  Love looked dejected but she did not argue as Mist led the group into the trees.

As soon as they entered the forest they heard a strange sound. A couple moments later, they found themselves in a clearing with many different people. They looked like the group members, but were much larger. One of them saw them and gave a shout of surprise.  The group disappeared into the forest with fright. This time Mist led them to a busy place full of the strange beings.  There were also large houses and cars. They made their way across a road and saw a sign that read ´SPACESHIPS FOR SALE´.  They entered the building and saw a vast array of spaceships with price tags.  

“These spaceships are in much better condition the ours,” Mist observed. “I believe we need to get one to travel to the red planet  we saw.”

“But that would be stealing,” Pele objected. “We could be caught.”

“Pele,” Mist said gently. “We need to get away to get away from this planet and these are better than are’s.”

“Well,” Pele relented. “I guess there is no other way.”

So the whole group chose a large spaceship and they heaved it out the door. Mist levitated it and they all ran back to the field. They took off and shot towards the planet. Once they landed the group started to get settled into their new home.

4 days later...

The group named the planet Mars and they settled into their new home.  All of the group members decided that this was meant to be there home. And the companions lived happy and content forever on.


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