Adoption center

by Jazmin W., Age 12 , Grade 7, Nipher middle school
Teacher: Mrs. White

                                                     Adoption center 
In the dark night I was right I was torn apart from stone to stone but it didn't matter because I was already thrown. My life was "miserable"  I hated it until I was put up for adoption. It didn't matter cause my life was already done. My parents put me up for adoption when I was 3 but I don't know why but I'm going to find out. In the morning I get ready to see who wants to adopt me. My Social worker will go and find me a family. Some people will say I don't belong here but I don't care. I am 10 years old and I have 3 sisters and 2 little brothers that I don't because they live with my mom and her husband that I don't know. A couple days later my Social worker came back and told me "I found your REAL  family! I screamed so loud that the neighbors heard me. My Social worker said she lives in California with her 3 girls, 2 little boys, and her husband Sam. She doesn't know I am coming but she will soon. We finally arrived at California! So then I got out the car and her house was a MANSION! We ringed the doorbell and then I saw her face and her kids. I screamed so loud! She said are you okay. So her husband ran to the the door and said what happen. My mom said nothing just this girl screamed. I told her that I am her daughter and she that she never had any kids so I said who are those kids. She said "those are my nieces and nephews". I told her is she my auntie and she said yes. Then she said my mom is in the hospital. She told me and my Social worker to come inside so we did. We sat down and talked but when she was done she told me about my mom and why is she in the hospital. She told me my mom has CANCER  but then I screamed so loud because I never met her and because she has cancer. I ask my aunt where can I find her she said she's at the Mercy hospital. I ask my Social worker can she drive there and she said "yes dear". We drove there and we went to the counter desk we ask the lady where can we find Trish that's my mom's name but she said she's down the hall and going to die soon. I went there and talk to my mom she said why she put me up for adoption was because she was poor and 16 when she had me. She told me she's going to die soon like in 2 weeks or 3 weeks. I was crying and I told my Social worker can she wait outside. She said sure so I talk to you mom for bout a 1 hour. I ask her "where is my real dad" she said he's in New York because when she was pregnant with me she left her because he didn't want to deal with that baby. That baby was me so I ask her why was she poor and why did the people take me away. She said because she didn't have any money to buy me diapers, wipes, clothes, shoes, and teddy bears. Then the machine started started going off then the machine started going off. 3 people came and told me to "go outside you don't wanna see this". My Social worker ran in and grabbed me. I screamed to shout my moms name but all the people was around her so I couldn't see her. I tried to run to see her what my Social worker grabbed me before I can see her. We went back to the adoption center and my Social worker told me to get some sleep cause we gonna get the results by tomorrow. I said okay so I went in my bed and I couldn't go to sleep cause I was thinking about all things in my head going on. It was the next day and I was so scared to see the results. My Social worker told me that she died yesterday night at 11:30 PM. I screamed so loud and I cried and my Social worker said I'm sorry. I told her that it's not her fault that she died because it was the cancer that caused it all to happen. We went to a funeral and I so all of my cousins that I didn't know my grandpa and grandma, my step dad , my Aunty's, and tete's. We all prayed said are prayers to her and we love her. I said "I love you mom and you are now in a better place now so I hope you can see me now. Everybody love you and so does your kids. We all threw roses on her coffin and we all left. A year later I was living with my step dad, my 3 sisters, and my 2 brothers. My Social worker was still with me. I still missed my mom and love her. She is still with us in our hearts. 
                                                                                                                                      By: Jazmin Ward

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