Rest in Peace

by Henry J., Age 13 , Grade 7, Nipher Middle School, Kirkwood , MISSOURI USA
Teacher: Mrs. White

                                             Rest in Peace By: Henry Joiner 
Rest in Peace 
Easy now,
I know,
You just died in a car accident.  
But it is ok,
You are free from the pain,
You can rest in Peace. 
Rest in Peace 
Now you are floating,
But where,
To the heavens,
Where you can touch the cotton candy clouds,
Live in peace and harmony,
How's the view of the world,
You used to live in.
Rest in Peace 
The new world is beautiful,
No pollution,
No crimes,
No hate.
Only peace,
Kindness and,
Rest in Peace
Now you look at yourself,
You are a spirit,
Not a ghost.
With out blood,
Pain and, 
A skeleton you will never feel hurt again.
But will you ever be sad.
Maybe if your loved ones are not here with you.
But they will come,
In time,
And when they do you will never feel sadness.
Just wait,
They will come.
Rest in Peace 

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