where Im from

by Lerob H., Age 12 , Grade 7, nipher middle school, Kirkwood, MISSOURI USA
Teacher: Mrs. white

Where I’m From

By Lerob Hall

I’m from eating fried chicken

With mac n cheese and green beans.

I’m from having my cousin come over and

We put cheese pizzas in the oven and we play

Games like Gta5 , 2K16,17, and Madden 17,and

Racing games.

I’m from going to the only child then

Going to having three little brothers

Two on my Dad side and one on my mom side

But I'm the oldest and I still almost get everything I want.

I’m from going to the YMCA everyday and

Playing basketball and swimming and

Acting like I’m drowning and

Saying ‘’got you’’

I’m from when I’m in a bad situation my mom

Helps me with things but I still be in trouble

It’s a fifty percent chance that I get grounded.

That’s how I know she cares.

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