by Bella K., Age 13 , Grade 7, Nipher Middle School, Kirkwood, MISSOURI USA
Teacher: Mrs.White


By: Bella Kagan

I’ve always been told that my parents love me,

But the problem is,


They don’t love each other anymore.

Life is a game,

Played with lies, tricks, jokes,

But you can never get through life without happiness.

See some people may tell you that you are perfect,

But if you take a close look in that person’s life,

Not everything is okay.

Sometimes I have a smile on my face,

As big as the world,

But no one knows that I can be sad.

See divorce for my family,

Can be an advantage for me,

to get shaped into a mindset where not everything will be okay.

Parents fight like sumo wrestlers trying to win,

And they think it is okay to do it in front of their kids,

When in reality,

Society will tell you different.

As long as my family is happy and healthy,

I don’t care about winning a fight,

I don’t care about money,

I just want happiness,

I mean is that to much to ask for?

Divorce is like a scary movie,

Replaying and replaying and never stops,

Endless arguments,

Lying to each other,

Embarrassment conflicts in the public.

See families are suppose to rely on each other,

And not feel betrayed by one parent or the other,

But we can’t control other people’s feelings.

I am writing this to explain that bad things happen for a reason

and I know that it is for the best.

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