Whee and when I'm from

by Isaiah W., Age 12 , Grade 7, Milner middle school, St. Louis , MO USA
Teacher: Mrs.white

Where and when I'm from 
I'm from loving family's
 and caring friends
 And People who will always be by your side when your down
 and sad 
I'm from a trips to McDonald's at 11 at night
 and long car rides to see family in the morning 
I'm from two separate households
 but the same amount of love
 and trust 
I'm from the action movies of TNT 
to the drama movies of FOX 
to the comedies of CBS 
I'm from the hard courts
 and sweat
 to chalkboards 
and headaches 
I'm from the hot summer days
 and cold winter nights of 
I'm from best friends turned enemies
 over a guy/girl
 or over something petty
I'm from sweet potatoes pies with ice cream
 to sour patch kids
 with Swedish fish 
I'm from amazing trips 
and worrisome car rides
 to visit family 
and friends 
I'm from the little things that made me who I am 
And  who I will become 

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