by Hallie S., Age 12 , Grade 7, NIPHER middle school, Kirkwood , MISSOURI USA
Teacher: Christy White

By: Hallie Sitzer
Society will tell you that if you’re fat, you’re lazy.
That no boy will like you because they’re into beautiful people,
the ones who are long and lean like the girls posted on the internet
Who people aspire to be,
and have a thigh gap for everyone to see.
See we are told we have to be pretty to fit in,
It’s so upsetting that we as people pretend to be something that we are not, because of how society shows their thoughts of the “perfect person”.
We live in a world where we are fed our flaws,
And where people make fun of our insecurities.
We are not equal until I am not judged for my body fat percentage
Or until when I am standing next to a ‘skinny girl’ I will not be compared to her. 
Just because we people aren’t designed for crop tops or short shorts, 
Does not mean you can mentally destroy a young girl’s self esteem,
Just to bring yourself up.
When people point out your insecurities,
You start to look at yourself differently, 
You start to focus what other people think,
And it brings you down.
Some people think the only way they will be happy is to be thin,
They believe that it will take all of their problems away,
When in reality it doesn’t work that way. 
So this is why I stress,
Work on being happy and healthy,
 learn how to appreciate the skin you’re in,
And love yourself the way you are.

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