A Glimpse of Where I'm From

by James W., Age 13 , Grade 7, Nipher Middle School, Krkwoods, MO USA
Teacher: Mrs.Whote

I'm from where Mac-N-Cheese and Ramen noodles
Was the best lunch everyday
Where a sleepover meant staying up all night
Drinking soda and playing video games
I'm from sneaking candy from the top of the fridge
Was like a big heist 
And where just playing with my  brothers
Turns into a fight
I'm from where naps meant everything
And a good day meant falling asleep to the best stories
I'm from making forts like castles
To defend ourselves
And where everyday was a perfect day to watch Home Alone
I'm from where Thanksgiving diner 
Was a time to devour Grandma’s pies like a
Whirlpool to a tiny ship
And every year we all went to Florida 
where the waves always seem
To toss me around like a feather in a strong wind
I'm from playing so hard all day
That I fall asleep to a blink of an eye
I'm from baking cakes with my mom 
On a Saturday afternoon 
And that’s where I’m from.

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