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Review of Bridge to Terabithia

by Chris, Age 12 , Reutter school, United States, NEW JERSEY USA
Teacher: Mrs. Sarbello/Mrs. Rupin

Bridge To Terabithia is perfect for anyone who wants a silly and a serious story at the same time. The relationship between someone who likes writing and someone who likes drawing is perfect. Katherine Paterson perfectly made this book into what it is supossed to be, a travesty turned into a book. The evolution of a girl who moved to town and a guy who is obsessed with running is also awesome. the best day of Jess' life turning to the worst dayof his life is very very well written. The cliffhanger at the end will make you wish for 100 years that they're will be a sequel.It also seems that in a blink of an eye you gofrom hating Janice Avery into feeling sorry for her.One problem I have with the book is that the "Bridge to" part of the title does not make sense untill like the last page. the cover of the book does not match up the book that much at all.

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