Where I'm From

by Danielle W., Age 13 , Grade 7, Nipher middle school, St.louis, MO USA
Teacher: Christi white

      Where I’m From
                       By: Danielle Wood
Where am I from….
I am from a place where
Dressing up in costumes “late” at night
Just to make your sister burst out laughing 
I am from a place where
The oven is always hot 
And passing around the smell of
Warm cookies
I am from a place where
Family comes first
 From Christmas at grandma’s house
To long drives down to Memphis
I am from a place where 
Walking your brother to the bus stop is fun
From a place where
Your childhood stuffed animal
Is the thing you keep forever
I am from a place where 
You learn to ski when you are four
From being on top of the mountain 
With the wind biting at
Any skin peeking through
I am from 
Playing games in the empty basement 
With a bright red reindeer
I am from 
The big green play set in the back yard
That probably wasn't that big 
From a little white puppy
Taking my tiny purple mitten
I am from a place called

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