Book Reviews

A book review for the Bad beginning

by Brent M., Age 12 , Grade 6, Saint Francis of Asisi, Louisville, KY USA
Teacher: Mrs.Reinhart

Brent Merrigan



Book Review for a Series of Unfortunate Events book one the Bad Beginning


Hello my name is Brent and I will be doing a book review on a series of unfortunate events. I will

  Covering the plot, the characters, and the tone. Then I will say who I recommend this book to.



First, I will talk about the characters. The characters are very interesting and have their

own specialties. Examples of this is one of the characters Violet is a good inventor, Klaus is a

good reader and researcher, and then there is Sunny she is a good bitter and could bite a rope.

And The villains are awful people and only care about money. My next point is plot.



The plot of this story is dark and unpleasant. It starts with a house fire killing these kid’s

parents. Then they go to this relatives’ house and they are forced to work. Then someone is

trying to steal their fortune and kill them. But they work together and eventually they outsmart

the thieves and are victories. The next point is.



My next point is the tone. It is dark and depressing. There are some points were there are happy. But most of the time it is dark. My final point is.



Finally, is who I recommend this to. People who are ten and plus and like action and

suspense. The reason why is it is a bit depressing and suspenseful and sad. And there

are action and tense scenes like when they try to save one of their siblings.            






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