A mysterious Presence

by Beatriz, Age 11 , Grade 6
Teacher: Ms. Martin

I sit on the sand. I listen to the waves crashing on the shore. I hear the quiet thumping of someone walking on the sand. I look over and see no one for miles. I decide to get up and take a walk. As I walk, I can't help but feel that there is someone near by. So, again I look around and again I see no one for miles. I start to head home because I'm starting to get freaked out. I hear a voice whisper *wait* Ok, now I'm officially freaked out. So, I start walking faster. *Help me* the voice whispers again. "Leave me alone." I say, my voice wavering. I start running. *Fine. I shall leave. See you tomorrow, Joane.* the hoarse voice whispers. How did they know my name? Then, I see a set of footprints walking away from me. I sigh with relief. Then, I realize there is no one making those footprints. I had been talking to a ghost and that's when I let out the scream that had been threatening to come out since I heard that voice.

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