The Sister

by Mikyla F., Age 12 , Grade 6, Mechanicsburg, PENNSYLVANIA USA
Teacher: Mrs. Martin

The Sister

By: Mikyla Fuss


Kyle was walking home on a fall afternoon.  Although it was the long way, he didn’t care.

On this street, there were very friendly people either walking their dog or just playing with their children.  One elderly woman especially, because she would give Kyle a fall treat like cookies or brownies.

But as Kyle passed by her house, she wasn’t here. This was strange to Kyle because this woman never let Kyle go home without a fall treat.

“She must be ill,” he thought aloud while walking past the other houses.

While he was walking,he realized he didn’t even know her name. Kyle thought this was strange, because this lady was just giving him sweets to eat. She just started to give him candy around halloween and never stopped.

While he was thinking of this, he heard laughing behind him.

Kyle quickly turned and no one was there.

“ I must be losing my mind,” he said as he continued to to walk home, “ I need to go home and take a nap.”

Kyle walked around, his stomach growling at the idea of food. He stopped, took of his bookbag, and reached his hand in looking for a snack. He knew his house was another twenty minutes away, so he thought why not look for food.

While his arm was in his bookbag, he felt a doll-like shape in his hand. Kyle pulled out his hand and saw a doll. It had long blonde hair with a long white and pink dress.

“ Why do I have this?” he asked out loud. Kyle didn’t have any other siblings, and he doesn’t have any dolls of his own.

Kyle then simply just put the doll on the ground, picked up his bookbag, and left.

Later that week, he was in second period, English. He really didn’t care for the subject, so he was doodling in his notebook when he heard his name on the speakers.

“ Kyle Madison would you please report to the office?” it announced loud and clear.

Kyle then went straight to the office.

“ Yes, Kyle this is your sister’s.” The lady at the front desk gave Kyle a doll with blonde hair. The very same doll he left on the ground.

“ I don’t have a sister.” Kyle told the lady while his eyebrows went down showing he was confused.

“ On the back,” she said pointing to the back of the neck, “ it carves Ella Madison. She attended this school three years ago.”

“ No, there must be some mistake, I don’t have any sisters!” At this point Kyle was yelling.

“ Is your mother’s name Anna Madison?”

“ Yes,” Kyle replied.

“ Yep, that is your sister’s doll. Ask your mother about it tonight.”

Throughout the rest of the day, Kyle couldn’t stop thinking about how he would ask his mom about his sister.

After school, Kyle ran as fast as he could home.

“ Mom!” he yelled as loud as he could throughout the house.

“ How was school?” Kyle’s mother asked as she came down the stairs.

“ Mom, do you recognize the name Ella Madison?” Kyle asked waiting for any answer he could get.

“ Well….” Kyle’s mother sighed, “we need to talk.”

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