The Crystal Rose

by Beatriz, Age 11 , Grade 6

The Crystal Rose

Jane is hiking. She is 16 and she is trying to relax. Up ahead, Jane sees a waterfall. She’s almost positive there is a cave or something behind it. Her curiosity gets the better of her. So, without thinking about being careful, she walks around the waterfall and heads inside. She is thrilled, and nervous, to find a cave. She can hardly see anything, and her heart pounds so loud, she’s almost positive it’s going to explode. She gasps. Wow! She can make out a little table and on it she sees something. Something she can only describe as a crystal rose. It’s rosy pink petals are outlined with ice. Little ice crystals fill the stem. This single rose seems to radiate with life and beauty. As if her hand has a mind of it’s own, it reaches out. Just a little bit, just a bit more… She snatches it. Oh no! What has she done? She feels a growing sense of panic. She can’t let go of the flower! She yanks and pulls but nothing works. Finally, a while later, she she can do nothing but go home.


Once home, in her apartment, she decides to have someone else try. She calls her friend Lauren. Lauren agrees to come over, thinking Jane just wants to hang out. Once Lauren gets there, Jane quickly explains the situation. Her friend agrees. A while later, nothing has happened. Jane starts to loose hope. What is she going to do?


That night, Jane is lying in bed when she thinks of something. Satisfied with her idea, she drifts off to sleep. The next morning, Jane is at the library. She looks at the titles. Red rose. Blue Rose. Velvet Rose. Crystal Rose. Roses. Then, Jane realizes she passed it. She quickly pulls out the book titled Crystal Rose. She looks at the introduction and the first sentence says, “This rare plant is said to be cursed by some.” She quickly flips to the chapter titled “The Curse”. She skims over the page. There! “The rose’s curse may only be broken by an act of kindness. If you give the rose away to someone for a reason other than to help yourself, that rose will never curse anyone again.” Jane doesn’t know what to do.


Months later, Jane has practically forgotten the rose. Finally, one day an idea hits her. A week later, she calls her little sister over. Her sister, Bianca, who is 10, gets dropped off. It is July 14, one day before Bianca’s birthday. After welcoming Bianca in, they go sit on the rich purple couch. From behind her back, Jane pulls out a small box.

“This is for you.” Jane informs her sister. Bianca opens it and gasps.

“Wow! Thank you!¨ Bianca exclaims. In her hands she holds, a clear locket and in it she can see one petal of the crystal rose. Jane explains the situation to her sister and tells her sister, “ Be kind. This necklace will remind you to be kind and kindness is repaid.” They hug and neither girl forgets the story of the crystal rose.

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