She Found Herself

by Sydney H., Age 16 , Grade 11, Winfree Academy, Richardson, TX USA
Teacher: Mr. Jaeks

I was sitting outside on a cloudy day with patchy drizzle, reading a book called “The Elegant Universe.” This book had me feeling particularly belittled- going on about how Planet Earth is only a simple fragment on the outter cusp of the milky way, the milky way being an even more miniscule fragment of the whole Universe. All of my life problems seemed so inapplicable when in this state of mind.

 Then, a wave of reality knocked me onto my feet. I began to realize that the energy within me has been eternally existant. This energy manifested its way into a physical being born on Planet Earth revolving around a star that keeps our physical beings alive in the Milky Way galaxy somewhere in the midst of the universe- but purposefully. Out of all the places my so called “spirit” could have gone, it chose to be here, right where I am at this moment.

 I felt freed, free to accept any and all knowledge that is thrown my way, and to take advantage of the wisdom that is already stored in my mind- free to accept my true self. I began to meditate nightly with positive affirmations, and saw a durastic change in mindset. I obtained a new level of patience, something that I have struggled with for as long as I can remember. I became more mindful and appreciative of every moment. I now am now on step 4 out of 12 and am ready to make a searching and fearless moral inventory of myself. I am ready to begin my new life, not taking for granted another moment, staying mindful that not a moment goes by that isn’t an experience, lesson, and manifestly a piece of life.

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