The Road to Suicide

by Austin l., Age 17 , Grade 10, Medina County High School, Medina, OHIO USA

Withdrawn from my friends,
Not eatin,
Not sleepin,
Feelin sad and weepin,
Feelin hopelessness and wanting to die,
But in the end just gettin high,
Irrability and anger,
My sanity is in danger,
I’m lost and I’m weak,
Lonely and I can’t speak,
Ran away from home,
Been gone for a week,
Momma turned her back on me,
Daddy turned and smacked on me,
I turned to the weed,
That didn’t help so I cut so I bleed,
Now I’m doin speed,
I’m goin crazy,
My vision growin hazy,
Its gettin hard to sleep,
Suicide seems so cheap,
To the edge of a cliff i creep
Jump and feel like I’m flyin,
Now it’s warm and dark cause I’m dyin.

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