Team Attack

by Josiah F., Age 11 , Grade 6, Cologne Academy, Cologne, MINNESOTA USA
Teacher: Coleen Crisera

Kwik Trip

BY: Josiah L  Fisher






What had happened, I don’t know. I must have slipped on the curb or something. All I know is that I Had a really sharp pain in my leg and arm, and something was warm, wet, and dripping from one leg to the other.




“Hey Mom!” I yelled “Can I go to Kwik Trip with Raymond?!?!”

“Sure” She yelled back.

“Thanks” I said, as I ran down the stairs. I grabbed my shoes and ran out the door. I hopped on my bike and went to get Raymond. Once he had his bike, we were on our way.


Cruising down the sidewalk with the beautiful wind in my face. Determined to get there fast. I really wanted those gummy bears!Coming to a crosswalk I slowed down and eventually came to a stop. Raymond rolled up next to me.I pushed the button and waited. Then the light was green and we could go.I got back on my bike, flipped to seventh gear I pedaled as hard as I could. I felt a heap of Joy and elation as the small gas station slowly grow bigger. I had almost forgot about Raymond but was reminded by a slight cough from behind me.  


When we got to the parking lot, there was a giant curb to get on the sidewalk. Bravely, I braced for impact and was ready to pull up on my handle bars. SLAM!!!!!!!


??      ??


There was a sharp pain in my leg, arm, and ankle. Something thick, wet, and warm was trickling down my my leg like a like a small creek. The trickle only grew into a small flow and eventually was dripping onto my other leg. I didn’t want to open my eyes but I did anyways.


I opened my eyes and looked at myself. My arm was all scraped up and there was some smeared blood on my hand. One of my legs was on top of the other. The top leg was completely  sliced open, probably from the metal bike chain.  I could see a little blood on the chain. The trickle of blood was still flowing from the brutal slice, onto my other leg, onto the concrete making a blood stain. The cut looked like somebody slowly slid a knife through my skin. The thick blood looked like it was a thick paint slowly rolling down my leg. Stuck under my bike, my leg was twisted.


Reminded of the pain,I felt a tear run down my face. All this happened in a split ten seconds. I slowly stood up but I couldn’t stand very well. I wanted to sit back down. I looked at the blood puddle, It was about four inches in diameter. The sharp pain continued so I went inside the store. I sat down on a bench thinking of a way to stop the blood.


“Do you have any medical supplies?”I asked the cashier.

“Yes, aisle three” He replied, looking at my leg. I ended up spending all my candy money on bandaids and other medical supplies so… I never actually got my gummy bears. I still have a scar to this very day and if you go to Kwik Trip, there is still a blood stain on the concrete.

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