by christina b., Age 12 , Grade 7, south east junior high, iowa city, IA USA
Teacher: Mr. keller Wilson

Before our sleepover, my friend Amanda and I went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse with her parents and when we got back the house was all torn up and there was broken glass everywhere. We were around 10 year old when this happen and  me and Amanda was very close like we been friends since were bady like we will stay night at each other house and have blast everyday but every since the accident we are not close like use to be. Three months later, she moved away and before she left, she told me she thought I was bad luck   

When we walked in the building, we saw there were lots of broken glass everywhere like his antiques glass everything just broken Amanda dad and mom was super mad because everything had just wash down the drain then Amanda dad saw someone at the back door so he ran to see who was there  was the dude who broke into the house  and caught the burglars who broke in house and Amanda mom call the police then the police ask some of the neighbors did you see these people and one the neighbors said yes and i hear little from the the old lady she said round 8:00 she said she saw them broke in through her window  theysaid they   broke in by throwing a plants into the window to broke it then after the little old lady said she hear boom and crake and glass crush everywhere so that all i hear because i had go back inside the house then amanda dad came into the room to talk to me and Amanda and he said this that a   Dude had broke into  the house try to get so money out the safe but didn’t  work so had to call his partner help him broke into  the safe did work so by the time they got done me and my friend and in her parent go back from dinner

Me and Amanda was close but after like 2 month later she that i was bad new and bad

luck i feel like she got rob and she was in her feeling at the time but don’t give her a reason to blame me for her problem in her life so i let her go at the time i was big to know that she doesn't want  a relationship me another so stop caring about everything just caring about myself

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