by faith r., Age 13 , Grade 7, south east, iowa city, IOWA USA
Teacher: mr keller-willson


       Falling into darkness hearing snap halfway to the ground. My friend Geneva comes over to ask if I am ok. I’m telling her it's my back.                                                                             Geneva go up to tell the PE teacher. He sounded worried and told me to go to the office, it probably took me 10 minutes to go down the hall. The nurse layed  me down having me try to sit up every 2 minutes. and ever 2 minutes I can't do it. And a tear runs down my face in pain. the nurse called my mom. she sounded

scared and sad. The nurses help me to my moms car. and told my mom to take me to the hospital.

          In  the car laying like a bored. Ever tern hertes more than the last.

           I go to the hospital my mom checks into the hospital. I am scared. I go into a small room to ask questions. The doctor asked

           what is your pain level out of ten. I say nine

          the doctor gets me a wheelchair. I changed rooms 4 times. I don't know why. I finally get into a room it has a big chair that I can pull back. and a tv when I come in I tell my mom

            I am going to use that tv later. They wheelchair me to the x -ray room it really scared me that I had to stop breathing. But I had to change I really didn't want to take my penguin necklaces off. But I had to. Then they put me into a roab thing that said mercy on it. I sat there scared to move. I was scared something was going to come up. I go to my room to wait for the results.

           I watch Bravo on that tv wait for 2 hours,  and then the doctor said I spreaded my back then they say no PE for 12 weeks and said no school this week yes. It happened on monday.

           But having the week off was not peaceful.

           I can't sleep because you can't be on your side.

           I can't go it my top bunk,

           and it was in winter so no one wanted me to go outside because they didn't want me to fall.

            You really can't do anything by yourself.

             and i missed my friends. But it was nice in the middle of the week. My friend Amira brought me a get better card. That was very sweet, and Nathile would bring me my homework,and Sophia would call me and tell what is happening. The first day back at school was hard because no one believe that I got hurt, because they couldn't see the wrap. But i still don't know why for sure. Then every tuesday and Thursday I would go to therapy. They found another thing my pelvic bones were out of place. My doctor would track if they where going back. but when I was there I did lots for things stretching my back bake to normal. Then on the last 5 minutes we would put these things you see in movies the thing people would put on peoples heads to read their mind or to shouke them. But they were cold before they turned on. I called it shock therapy but it wasn't that. It felt like it would shock your back to go numb. It was nice not to feel pain for 30 minutes. One sessions they told me my pelvic bone where in place. And it felt way better. And I had to the second to last therapy stay careful not to hurt it again. But all I heard was I was better. so I learned by little things you can change your life so be careful.


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