The Parade

by Avery, Age 13 , Grade 7, Iowa City, IOWA USA
Teacher: Keller-Wilson



All sound faded away with a single click of my phone. Even the awful smell of the locker room was masked out with horror. The time... I was late!

Looking around, I realised schools are very different places if you spend most of your day there, then see it empty. There’s almost a homey feel to the long, warm hallways when It’s cold outside. Of course, I didn’t have time to think about this when I was already running low on time. “See yah biggin!” shouted one of my my teammates as I hurried by. The parade was supposed to start in 15 minutes. And that was downtown!

I was sweating and uncomfortable, but I knew that would change once charging home. It was cold, and I felt my face growing hot. The wind was whistling by, but at my speed, it sounded like a snow storm. It didn’t take long to get the 3 blocks home. But then, I had to go downtown. Barely stopping for 5 minutes, I set off on another sprint race downtown.  Stopping, didn’t exist,  except for streets off course. After what felt like two minutes, we slowly came to a stop.  “Wow, we must have just set a new speed record!” I exclaimed, as we took a look at the craziness called homecoming.

“Wow, people are everywhere!” I thought. But this was the Iowa homecoming parade, of course the whole population of Iowa City was there.  At least it was black and gold though, not maroon or some other disrespectful color. And the overalls! Even black and gold, those striped whatever you want to call them are ugly! I was in a rush, but I had forgotten something really important. It only took asking two people, but we finally found where my mom was.

There were no places to park our bikes, so we rolled down to the co-op to lock our bikes at the racks.

“Hey James, how's agoin!” somebody shouted.

“Alright (insert name of one of your dad’s strange friends here), what have you been doing?” my dad answered.  

Boy, my dad seem to know every hippy that ever inhabited the downtown area. Eager to not start a conversation, I quickly Started up the hill towards where my mom was, urging on my brother and dad.

“Alright, see you later!” My dad called before starting after me. Jese, I was really missing the point now, looking back, I feelt like an ammature not realising my mistake. After what was for sure to long, we somehow found my mom again. I was relieved to get there before the parade started, but the parade hadn’t  started yet, so we waited, and waited…

For Fifteen minutes, 15 minutes we waited! That was my mistake, even though for the past two years, I knew that the parade never started when it was supposed to, but I totally forgot in my rush to get there. So now, I feel foolish whenever I look back ‘on it. But hey, you can’t be calm and mature all the time, right?














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