My Memory

by Dat T., Age 12 , Grade 7, south east junior high, iowa city, UNITED STATE USA
Teacher: Keller wilson

The story happen when I was 7 years old, I was playing soccer outside and suddenly CRACK CRACK! I think uh oh I knew I got in trouble again.

I was at my aunt's house I was playing with my cousin and brother. I was playing soccer and I accidentally kick the ball hard and it went inside and hit the window glass and it tinkle down and sparkle in the sun.

When the ball hit the glass my aunt came inside and called me and my cousin to come inside. My cousin and I were nervous then my aunt ask who did it and my cousin pointed at me so I got in trouble.  

“You are in big trouble,” my aunt said.

“ Yeah, Dat!“ my cousin said.

My aunt said you’re in trouble for a week no games also. My cousin stand beside me laughing at me.

“ You too, “ my aunt said.

My cousin said “who me?”

“ yeah you,” my aunt said.

After my aunt left my cousin started to pick on me. Tell me that my fault that I got me and them in trouble. They said I already told you that do not kick hard then why did you kick so hard that it hit the window and break it. Then made me in trouble make me can not play video games for a week. Me and my cousin can not play video games for a week. For me I can’t play video games and have to wash dishes for a week. So this is my lesson not to kick the ball hard so it would hit the window again. I should listen to my brother or cousin and parents.   

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