by Sofia C., Age 12 , Grade 7, South East Junior High, Iowa City, IOWA USA
Teacher: Mr.Keller Wilson

“Mom,Mom,help I am stuck,”we could barely hear my sister,Aster,from inside the house,even though I could tell she was yelling her loudest.Oh no I am in big trouble I thought as my mom and I descended the stairs,making our way outside.

A couple hours earlier. Slipping on my tennis shoes I ran out through the glass door leading to the back porch then down the steps as fast as I could counting the number of steps I could get down before the screen door slammed behind me. I slowed my pace because I didn’t want to slip and fall in the wet grass,I could still smell the rain from the early morning as I walked across the street into the center of my court. The center of the court was a circle of grass and it had a couple of trees and bushes in it,but at the center of it was a huge 100 year old pine tree. Its branches were
like a giant staircase spiraling up towards the clouds. I placed my hands carefully as `not to trigger the small,bendable branches that would snap back and hit me in the face because I was exceptionally short at the time. I started to climb up and up I got so high I could see the train tracks far behind the houses I heard the whistle after a while,it was 2:00. I finally reached my fort made of branches and scrap wood I found at the edge of drive ways,it probably wasn't entirely safe but I would sit there for hours drawing and reading or eating the lunch I brought up with a makeshift pulley. I sat there watching the train from above. It took a couple moments for me to realize that it had started to rain a light spray down on us. It wasn't a lot of rain so I could have stayed outside but I had gotten stuck in the tree once two years ago when I was 8 because the branches got slick and I was afraid of falling. I started to carefully lower myself from the branch so I was hanging then I went to a branch lower and lower and so on. As soon as I touched the pine needles at the base of the tree my sister,Aster tapped me on the shoulder,causing me to jump. Looking up the tree she said,”you went to the top again,mom said that you couldn't.”

“No I didn't,” I replied a little too quickly.

“Yes you did,” she said being a very annoying 6 year old.

“Fine prove it,” I replied. Silently she jumped to grab the first branch pulling herself up,once she was about 10 feet up she stopped. Lifting one hand from the branch she pointed at a bright orange string stuck up in a branch that matched the color of my jacket exactly. “I’m telling mom,”she said. The wind blew a little at that moment,it wasn’t strong but it was enough to make her slip. On the way down her purple hood caught on a branch about 8 feet off the ground. “Help,”she yelled down,the wind tossing her voice away from us making her barely audible.

“No,you're just going to tell mom,” I yelled back my voice following in the path of Aster’s. The rain stopped as I jogged inside. Making sure both of the doors were shut I ran up the carpeted stairs to my mom in the kitchen making cookies for her coworker’s party later. I started to help mixing sugar and some other stuff for frosting talking to her about school earlier in the day. “Mom,Mom,help I am stuck,”we could barely hear my sister,Aster,from inside the house,even though I could tell she was yelling her loudest.Oh no I am in big trouble I thought as my mom and I descended the stairs,making our way outside.

We crossed the street heading into the circle,from this angle we couldn’t see her in the tree but as we neared it became more and more obvious` were she was. When we got to the base of the tree we stopped and looked up,me pretending to be confused. Of course my sister told the whole story including the part about me being high up in the tree. Of course my mom believed her because she was only 6 and probably couldn't think up a story like that. After she had been brought down by my mom she ran inside and most likely to her room. As soon as she was gone mom turned around and yelled at me about being a good big sister and not leaving your little sister stuck in a tree for an hour,I think it was about a 15 minute long lecture but I was counting the dead leaves on a branch,64. I got sent to my room and got my phone and TV taken away for a week.

That day I learned that you should be careful when you lie to your younger siblings and to never leave your younger sibling stuck in a tree for an hour.

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