The Trip

by Derek L., Age 12 , Grade 7

The Trip


I was running fast, too fast for most people my age, then i tripped.


It was near 4:30 when my Dad, Maddy, and I got to the Public library, normal day after preschool. I unbuckled my black seatbelt and hopped out of the car as usual. I felt really good after we ate.

I skipped out in front when I heard my dad’s voice,

“Don’t go too far,” he said.

“I won’t, promise,” I said as I slowed down a little. I got to the black stairwell door and waited for my dad to open it. He opened the door for me and i started down the dark grey stairs. When I got to the first floor I saw people walking down the pale grey sidewalk.

“Hurry up Maddy,” I said as I walked out of the stairwell of the parking ramp.

“Jeez Derek I was almost out,” she said in a small voice.

“Stop fighting,” dad said as he walked out in front. We got to the glass doors to the hotel close to the library,

“I got it!” I said as I raced towards the door handle. I grabbed the silver handle and pulled with my body, opening the door all the way. We walked inside the hotel then back out the other direction.

“Hey dad, can we play on the playground?” I asked.

“Not today, sorry,” he said. We walked into the public library hoping to get books.

“Hey dad, look at this book!” I say pointing to a book with lots of color on it. My dad comes over and looks at it,

“It’s an adult book,” he said. We kept on walking towards the children’s section of the library, I pulled out ahead again,

“Dad, I havta go to the bathroom,” I said running down the yellow pathway leading to to the lone bathroom. I opened the door and used the bathroom, washed hands, then walked out to pick out books for myself.

~10 minutes of picking and checking out books later~

I fell behind my dad and sister as we were leaving with a ton of books. I saw a book with someone’s face on it, I wonder what that book is about I thought, running towards it. I ran fast, too fast for some my age, then I tripped. My top lip got cut by the sharp pointy edge of the spinning book holder with the book on it. My dad turned around fast as he heard my scream, ran towards me, picked me up, and rushed me to the bathroom to see what was wrong. He saw the cut on my lip and gave me some paper towels.

“Hold this to your lip, we’re going to the hospital,” he said as he carried me out the library, through the hotel, up the staircase of the parking ramp, and into his car.

“You’re going to be fine,” he said. Fine, I’m going to be absolutely fine I said in my mind. I sat in my car seat as he raced out of the ramp and to the hospital. The pale silver car screeched to a halt and dad jumped out. He opened my door and carried me into the hospital. Doctors rushed a bed into the emergency room. My dad set me down and followed the doctors as they pushed me down a dark hallway. My dad stopped because he couldn’t go farther.

“Dad, come back!” I said in my thoughts as the doctors pushed me into a room with more doctors.

“You’re such a brave young boy.” said a nurse kneeling beside me. That motivated me because what happened next hurt, a lot. One doctor had what looked like giant scissors cutting through my lip, but it put 5 stitches in instead. After the procedure finished, I got two free stuffed animals, a spider and a chameleon, and a scar on my top lip.


What I learned from this experience is that you should never run offtrack of what your goals are, this counts for everything, not just me running off track and getting stitches. So follow your dreams and be what you can be any day.


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