Memoir 1st draft

by Christian N., Age 12 , Grade 7, South East Junior High, Iowa City, IOWA USA
Teacher: Mr.Keller Willson

“Were here,” said my dad trying to wake us up from the ride in the car. Me and my brother woke up I looked out the car all I saw was pitch black and some light coming from my grandmother's gate and her neighbors. We Got our stuff and took it to our room we welcomed some of our family members like our grandma and aunt and then we went to sleep. The next day it was sorta cold my mother called me in for lunch it was tomato soup my favorite I looked outside there wasnt much different the other neighbors houses were crumbling and the paint was being dried off. I then went to one of my friends house. it still looked the same as last year I went in and met them they look different hosolito looks the same but taller umberto looks way taller but everything is the same. But there is one problem but not with them, my family brings palomitas(Something explosive)  we buy them but we didn't get it this year so we have to find a place to buy them but they have to be cheap we normally buy them in Durango but forgot to.


“Hello,” I said

“Hey,” they both said

What were you guys doing?”I was curious because his shoes were dirty and he smelled like dirt and cow.

“We just got back.”

“Back from where?” He didn't answer me.

“Where's Juan Carlos?” He asked for my brother.

“Back at the house eating some soup.” I look around and not much has changed in their room the computer is still where it is but the tv is somewhere else.

“Want to play some computer games?”

“Sure.” they asked. I didn't know how they still got games there is only one internet connection here and it so slow.

We went to the computer and played for a long time.

“What are you guys doing?” Juan Carlos came in he was wearing a black hoodie his

Hair is still huge he had a big afro that was going through the wind.

“Playing computer games.” I said.

“Can I play.”Everyone said yes we went back to the house or what was sorta a house the roof was made of sticks and the light was that was coming was being held by a piece of string and the walls were made of clay and brick it wasn't good but it will do.

Our dad then came in.

Hello Hosolito and Umberto hows your little brother Valdo and sister,”

“Good Valdo is a little sick and my little sister is asleep.”Umberto then went on asking him to give him one of his hats and he managed to get a hat.

“Do you guys want some money to get something to eat.” There were some stores in this place they were good but pretty run down our dad gave us the money and we went off we went to the nearest store up hill.

“Ok get something dad only handed us 100.” I know what you're thinking 100 that's too much but not in mexico things cost more in Mexico like a toy for 200 so it was a good amount to have.

‘Ok we are done getting our stuff.” Said my brother he got a small bag of chips and soda in his other hand Hosolito got some Cookies his brother Umberto got chips I got the same as my brother so we bought the food and went back home to give our dad the change from all that spending I then bought some games from our bag and had a lot of fun playing. For the next three days the power was out but that wasn't a shocker they always have power outages but on new years we always have this.


After the power outage ended new year's was a day away and we needed to find someone fast or else its not gonna be fun since there are no Fireworks here so we just switch to alternatives. We light thing up like palomita which are little explosives that are lighted up to throw them far away but we have rules don't throw them at people animals and such and such. At the day of new years we were preparing we met some friends but this was my last day here sure their was a power outage but still it was fun now I know what you're saying so what well we did many fun things like hike a mountain and I might not do this again that's why it was the best new year's eve.


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