Fried Chicken

by Kate M., Age 12 , Grade 6, Cologne Academy, Cologne, MINNESOTA USA
Teacher: Mrs. Crisera

                                                                                            by: Kate    


“Try it, it’s just chicken,” my dad cooed. I reached for the platter and grabbed a piece of “fried chicken”.The greasy smell floated up to my nose as I plopped a piece on my plate. Whatever it was, it wasn’t chicken! My mom glared at my dad, who snickered. My brain didn’t want to eat it but I wanted to eat it! I took a bite…

“Eww! What is this?” Now it was my turn to glare at my dad. He had been tricking me since I was little! He was full-on laughing. I swallowed quickly and prayed it wouldn’t come back up. Dad looked slyly at me, I knew he was up to something! I gave him my best death stare, trying to get something out of him, but I had no such luck!

The waiter arrived  with Mom, Zach and my food. I took a bite of my real chicken that I ordered, it was DELICIOUS! My mouth was relieved, finally something good!

“Mmm!” I said as I chomped on another piece, “Now this is real chicken!”

“How’s your calamari sir?” The waiter asked my dad.

“Great, thanks!” Dad snuck a glance at me and sneered.

“What the heck is CALAMARI?”

“Squid, fried squid!”

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” I shot back, and I immediately regretted eating it.

My mom couldn’t hold it in anymore, she burst out laughing. Her laugh echoed through my brain, my fists clenched.

“Excuse me, but I have to use the restroom.” Zach giggled.

I stormed off.

  The End

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