by Rogelio m., Age 12 , Grade 7, south east junior high, Iowa city, IOWA USA
Teacher: Keller wilson

It was a very sunny day, I woke up and went to my friend Marcelo’s house and I was about 8 years old when this accident happened. My friend and I was about the same size.

We just started playing the Xbox,we played call of duty, wwe & my favorite game ,fifa 15  .After we were done playing games we ate macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. After we were done eating we went outside to ride our bikes around the block. We went to another one of our friends house which was just a few blocks away, I thought it was to far. We played with nerf and water guns.

”I’m gonna get you!” Marcelo yelled. I pedaled my bike even faster.                 The wind was whipping by me and I could hear my tires spinning against the ground.

And after we left my friends house, I went home and rode my scooter around my neighborhood. When I took a sharp turn and  wiped out I tried to pick the scooter up with my foot, the handle bar cut the top of my eye. I started bleeding so so much that I was covered in blood. I started running home, I left the scooter were I cut my eye.”MOM MOM!< I cut the top of my eye, I got cleanex and covered my eye.I never went to the hospital to get stitches it just healed by itself. After this experience I learned that I have to be more careful and to think before I do.


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