LA7 Memoir

by Tyler, Age 12 , Grade 7, South East Junior High, Iowa City, IOWA USA
Teacher: Mr.Keller-Wilson

Not even two days in Iowa, I was on a scooter going up the neighbors driveway then I went down and I put my foot down to turn then I was on the ground aching in pain, my grandpa picked me up and set me on his truck. Then I was carried to my mom’s car, I was starting to cry we were on our way to the hospital every turn I heard pops then when we arrived at the emergency room. I was put in a wheelchair and wheeled into the E.R. then they checked my heart rate and weight etc. I was wheeled into a room and put on a hospital bed and I fell asleep, I had a dream about me falling off the Earth and landing on a planet that was covered with spikes. I was Impaled by one and I woke up in fear and I moved my leg and it hurt more than when I actually broke my leg. I screamed“Owwwwwwww!!!!!!!!” I started crying.


My mom started to cry “ Why did this happen to you!”

Then the doctor walked in with a couple of nurses “We’re here to set your leg back in place and give you your cast,” the doctor said. They tried to move my leg but I was in too much pain so they brought in (novacaine or something like that) to put me to sleep, they asked me to get in my underwear so I wouldn’t mess up my clothes. So I fell asleep and I dreamed about a tiger that was my best friend, I woke up and I was taken to the x-ray room the bone was set perfectly and I was given a purple cast and the rest is history.


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