My Memoir

by Elias S., Age 13 , Grade 7, South East Jr High, Iowa City, IOWA USA
Teacher: Mr.Keller-Wilson

I don't know why i did it to this day but i forgave myself for doing it. I'm thinking that you're wondering how i got to this place of time, i'll tell you later sooooo just keep reading. It was just a normal saturday and at about 1:00 my friend calls and sees if i want to go to his house, i ask my parents and i go to his house. When i get there he tells me to hurry to his basement so i listen to him and i hustle down there. But i didn't know that 3 other people were gonna be there so i was caught by surprise. So i ask what were doing and one of them replys with “Don't worry about it, it's gonna be really fun.”

Of course of how stupid i was i believed him. Some time later it was about 1:45ish and we were just leaving to go the park, after we got there we played some baseball for a while, but someone got hurt and that someone was a older Eli so they had to go so that meant we had uneven teams which meant that we had to stop playing. So someone suggested that we play truth or dare and we all agreed to play! My friend Nolan asked me “Eli truth or dare?” I replied with

“Dare!” So then he looks around and he spots a girl, and guess what he dares me to ask her out! I couldn't chicken out otherwise they would call me a giant wimp. I was so nervous that it felt like my heart was about to burst out of my chest and explode. So i told them “I need to go to the bathroom and then i'll do it.”

SOOOOOO then i kinda run to the bathroom, rethink what's happening and realized that i knew to ways to exit the park, i remembered that we came in from the harder way to get in so the easy way was left open! But my heart was still doing backflips in my chest and i was sweating a lot cause for one how hot it was. So i start thinking of a way i could sneak out, i look around and i see that they are all doing something on the playground and i said to myself “The perfect timing, i need to get out of here.”

After that little pep talk i grabbed all my things and bolted away. After i got about halfway to my house i started thinking about what happened and how easy that was to handle but i kinda over exaggerated about it. When i got home i went straight to my room and started playing mario cart on my ds to forget that horrible memory. About a month later my friend texts me “Did you ask her out yet?”

I had totally forgotten about it “No and i'll never do it ever!” i texted back

Well that's the end of this horrible memory and i regret ever playing truth or dare with them again. Long story short, my life was slightly ruined because they kept reminding me of it shortly after i kept forgetting it. And lesson learned never play with them again.

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