by Autumn M., Age 13 , Grade 7, South East Jr. High, Iowa City, IOWA USA
Teacher: Mr. Keller Willson

Memoir - 1st Draft

I was standing tall and confident up in the air, fearless, but then suddenly the hands beneath me start to shake, then my legs, and then…

It was a regular sunday afternoon at the cheer gym in North Liberty (so I thought) , I was working on my pyramid. I was standing confidently in an extension stretch. But then my leg starts to wobble, then my bases hand, and then my whole body is off balance.

“STAND UP!” screamed  my coaches angrily,

“SQUEEZE!” and another added

I was thinking to myself I couldn't hold stand anylonger,

“You can do this!” some said  

“Let's go Autumn, just stand up!” others shouting

I thought I was about to fall,but I kept trying and pushing. Then I started falling face first, it felt like forever until I hit the ground. I landed on the rough cheer mat on my wrist, my bases ran over to me apologise and asked if I was okay. My coaches interrupted them and yelled “she’s okay it was her fault, start again.”

I pushed through the rest of practice, which felt like forever, and when it was over I walked over to my mom and explained what happened. My coaches saw my mom so they walked over to  us and pretended they cared, they “explained” to my mom what happened. We left to drive home, it still hurt when I got home, the day after, and the day after that. So my mom set up an appointment with my chiropractor.

The chiropractor realized I really messed up my wrist so he taped them to help them stay in place. He also saw that my shoulder looked weird,  he said my shoulder got pushed into my back. He also taped my back, I thought it was the ugliest thing ever! It was supposed to be skin color but it wasn’t, and the tape got really dirty. It also felt itchy, and hurt whenever it got stuck on something. In time it slowly started harshly tearing off! I wasn’t aloud to practice for two weeks, he was trying to just make me quit because it’s so hard on my body, but I refused.

The next day I went back to practice, I begged my mom not to say anything to my coaches, but she did anyways. It felt like I could barely do anything, but I could still do the dance and jumps.

From this I learned never be shy about that kind of think because you could get a lot more hurt. Looking back at this now I should have made it clear that I was really hurt, when I kept practicing I probably damaged my back even worse!

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