My Memoir

by Peyton N., Age 12 , Grade 7, South East Junior High School, Iowa City, IOWA USA
Teacher: Mr. Keller-Wilson

As I took my hand away from my face, I saw red on it. My only thought was that Jackson banging his metal tin on the coffee table is not helping my earsplitting, agonizing headache. Maybe I should have been thinking about something else….

30 minutes earlier, it was totally different. It was a icky, messy, gloomy rainy day in 2010. I was about 7 years old, and it was just my mom, my brother, Jackson, and me. My sister Reese was just a oddler and was taking a nap. My mom wanted to stay inside, but Jackson and I had a different idea.

“ Moooooommmm, can we PLEASE go outside?” (I thought it was a foolproof plan.) “We can put on our swimsuits and our boots! We will be fine.” Jackson and I were running through the house grabbing our stuff to go outside.

“ Guys, I don’t think we wil go outside today.” My mom sounded thoughtful, like she was still thinking it over. “ It is too cold and we will have more fun inside.” UHGGG. Whatever, I thought. Maybe we can play a really fun game.

So, my mom went and found Jackson and I’s favorite game, SORRY!. She sat on the couch and turned on a family favorite, Dancing With The Stars. Soon, there was fun, fast music filling the house as Jackson and I battled through SORRY! Eventually, we got bored playing SORRY! And pulled my mom off the couch to dance with us. It was our favorite persons turn to dance, ( I can’t remember who it was), and it was a really upbeat song.

“ I can dance better than the two of you COMBINED!” Jackson said, taunting my mom and I.

“ Ya, right!”

We were dancing around the living room and I grabbed a pillow from off the couch. ( It wasn’t just you’re normal fancy pillow you put ON the couch. It was the ACTUAL big couch cushion that you sit on.) So, I took that pillow and swung it as hard as I could at my mom. (It hit her pretty hard, in case you were wondering)

“ Hey!”

“ Ha Ha” I said, triumphantly. She grabbed a pillow and gave Jackson one, too.  They turned their heads and were whispering. I started creeping up on them when, all of a sudden, they both turned around and whipped their pillows into me. I tripped over MY pillow on the ground and fell on the cofee table. My head just barley nicked the corner of the table and it ripped my ear open.

“ OOOOOWWWWW” I distinctly put my hand up to my ear and felt wetness. I looked at my hand and there was blood on it.

“ Oh my gosh Peyton are you okay? What happened?” My mom was really worried.

“  I think I am fine but my ear REALLY hurts. Will I have to get stitches?” I really hoped not. That would hurt.

“ Probably not bu-” ( phewww)

BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! I turned my head to see what that loud sound was and I saw Jackson banging his metal tin against the GLASS coffee table.( It was very loud).

“ UUGHHGHG,” my mom groaned. “Jackson please stop banging! That is not helping Peyton or me. Just sit over there on the couch.”

“ Can you please hurry up?” I was getting really impaitent. “ I have been sitting in this position for an hour!”

My mom said she was done looking at it and just made me put a wet washcloth over my ear to stop the bleeding. I am glad I am done with that. For the rest of my life, my ear will always be different. It has more skin on the part where it cut open.  I learned to be more careful, and this is an important lesson. It applies to everything you do in life, whether it is jumping from atree, or ordering food from McDonalds.

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