Its Me Not You

by Grace S., Age 13 , Grade 8, The Academy of Charter Schools, Westminster, COLORADO USA
Teacher: Ms.Cutshall

“Its Me Not You”

The bright warm Monday sun peaked through Mays pink and purple shades. It was a bright sunny morning in Orlando Florida. May sat up in her twin bed, her brown knotty hair all over the place. She jumped out of bed grabbed her favorite  pair of ripped blue jeans.  One of her many black T-shirts and a teal and black flannel to go around her waist. She did her hair (which was just brushing it) and dashed down stairs. May rapidly ate her breakfast. Then she gathered all her stuff for school

-Corey’s present




After she got all her stuff she raced out the door to meet her best friend London at the bus stop.

London has been Mays friend since they were five. London always had good grades and was really smart. London always wore short skirts with floral shirts. Also London almost always wore her bright, shiny red velvet hair back up in a nice pony tail. When May reached the bus stop london was already on the bus, probably saving a set for May.

“Hey sorry I'm late,”

“It’s okay I knew you’d make it,” said London


“Are you excited for school today!”

May responded excitedly “ Yes I can't wait to see his face!”

“What did you get him for his birthday,” asked London

“I got him him a personalized jersey that has his number on it,”

“Don't worry he’ll love it,”

The rest of the way to school they sat in silence thinking about Corey. Corey is May's boyfriend. Corey is a jock, he plays football. Corey is very sweet and kind, to May. He is a jerk to everyone else, even his friends. Corey is the most organized person and don't even get me started on his clothing. He wears plaid shorts and striped shirts everyday, unless he wears his jersey. Corey has a nice brown high cut that blows in the winds.

When the girls got to school they rushed to their lockers dumped off all their stuff and ran off to find Corey. It was five minutes before the 1st bell rang when they found Corey. Corey’s face lit up in excitement when he saw May.

May started “Happy 16th birthday, I got you something,”

“Thanks and you didn't have to get me anything,” replied Corey

May handed Corey his present, and the second bell rang. Now they only had one minute to get to class.

“I’ll open it during second lunch,” said corey throwing the present into his locker.

Then they all parted way to their 1st hour class.

Rinnnnnng!!! That was the sound of the 3rd hour release bell to second lunch.

When everyone got to the lunch room, which was only May, London, Corey and copple more people, Corey opened his present. When Corey saw what was in the bag he had a kind of disgusting look on his face. Like he just opened a bag of puke. In a very sarcastic voice Corey said

“I love it!”

“What's wrong with it, why don’t you like it?” questioned May

“Well I already have one just like this from my mom, but you always need two of everything right?” Corey replied in a sarcastic voice

The rest of the week went by very slowly. May and Corey didn't meet  after school, talk to each other in the halls or walked to class anymore. By Thursday May was really concerned about their relationship. May decided that she would confront Corey about what's happening.

That friday morning at school she tried her hardest to talk to him, but he just ran away or made up an excuse. Finally an the end of the day May got a chance to talk to him.

“Hey why have you been ignoring me?” asked May

“No reason,” replied Corey

“Really because ever since you opened your birthday gift you have been acting weird,” said May

“NO I’VE BEEN REALLY BUSY, JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!” yelled Corey, and stormed off.

May was very startled at Corey's reaction. May just keep thinking next week will be better. Just leave this all behind and think of the future. Speaking of the future May had a weekend to look forward to. Homework and a walk to her dad's slushy shop with London. Plus a suspicious surprise from Corey.

The chilly whispering wind blew past May’s brown hair, as she was walked to her and London's meeting place. There were a lot of people at the park today. There were skaters, soccer players, little kids at the park, people enjoying this beautiful day and of course some football players. May looked around for Corey but could not see him.

When May reached the bench London was already their. Of course she was, she’s always early. May and London greeted each other then walked back to the other side of the park to the slushy shop.   

As May and London were walking a familiar football player stumbled in front of them trying to catch a ball. This familiar person yelled over to the crowd of other players saying,

“Hey Corey, May is here,”

Then out of a crowd of boys came out Corey. Corey casually walked over to May

“Hey didn't know you were going to be here,” started Corey  

“Yeah me too,”

“Well I need to tell you something very important,” claimed Corey

“Well what is it, you can always tell me anything,” May said reassuringly

“Okay, well lately I’ve been thinking that our relationship has been getting a little out of hand and I don't think I’m ready for a relationship this close so, I’m sorry but we are done. It's me not you,”

May started to ball but then she had this feeling like a meteor was going to come out of the sky and blow up this park. May was furious. May started to yell at Corey

“How could you say that you're not ready for a  relationship that has been going on for six months, I just can believe you right now!”

“It's just that someone el…,”

May stopped him “No I don't care, let's go London!!”

When they got to the slushie shop May ordered a large slushy.  And started to ball. London obviously knew what the problem was. London still tried to get the story through the wet tears running down Mary's face. London finally got the story and was furious with Corey, but London kept her cool. London tried her hardest to calm down May. I mean he was a really big jerk but to just randomly break up with someone . Finally May felt like she could go home. London walked home with May. When they got to the front step May turned around and said text me.

As soon as London got home and was about to text May she got a text from Corey. The text said

“Do you want to go out with me?”

London replied “ No you just broke up with my best friend, and why would you want to date me?”

“Just say yes, well you don't have to tell May,”

“What you want me to lie to my best friend,” Said London

“Yeah, just say yes or I’ll post PB&J monster picture all over the internet,” tanted Corey

“Please don't,”

“Okay see you tomorrow Girlfriend,” replied Corey snottily

London felt very uncomfortable and very untruthful to her friend, but she didn't want to be  embarrassed

The next day of school everyone had heard about May and Corey's breakup. Also that Corey was now dating London. Now of course London did not find this out until second passing period. When May walked up to London's locker starting off with

“How could you do this!”

“Do what?” replied London

“Your dating my ex-boyfriend!” said May

“ No you don't understand, Cor…..” started London, but then May cut her off.

“No I don't even want to hear your excuses, were not friends anymore!”

London's heart broke into millions of little pieces. May and London have never been in a fight this big. Also May didn't even listen to London. May dosent know that Corey pure pressured her into this whole thing. London just wanted to talk to May and make her understand. First she had to break up with some jerk she doesn't even like.

After 3rd period london walked right up to Corey and let the entire hallway know that London and Corey’s relationship was fake. After school London raced over to May’s house to explain what had really happened.


“Who is it?” It was the sound of May's voice echoing through the halls of her house. London had butterflies in her stomach and was very nervous.

“Hello, Oh it's you,” said May

“No, wait I need to talk to you,” quickly said London

“About what you great new boyfriend you have,” sarcastically added May “shouldn't you two be out for some ice cream or something,”

“No, about the real story of what happened between me and Corey,” said London

“You can come in, but be fast my mom is going to be here soon,”

May let London in, and they ran up stairs to Mays bedroom.

“Okay first Corey text me this,” After London showed May the text messages May felt so bad for treating london this way.

“Also I didn't want to lie to you, and I definitely didn't want to date Corey after what he did to you,” explained London

“I understand, can we be friends again, and I'm so sorry for not being a good friend and not listening to you,” begged May

“Yes totally.” replied London

London and May Hugged one another and started to giggle.

 The next day at school May and London had a very normal day without Corey. May admitted that school and life was way easier without a boyfriend.

It was finally fourth hour, the end of the day May and London were discussing their huge science project when a guy named Jace Hunter interrupted  their conversation.

“Hey I think your really cute and I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me?” Jace asked May

May and London looked at each other then May looked back at Jace.

“Sorry I'm just not ready for a relationship that close. I'm so sorry but it’s a no, it's me not you,”

London elbowed May and looked at her with bulging eyes. May gave london a smirk, then they both ran down the hallway.

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