Far from the Truth

by Jillian B., Age 13 , Grade 8, The Academy of Charter Schools, Westminister, COLORADO USA
Teacher: Ms. Cutshall

Ten years ago, in an old run-down town within a dark, cramped, beat-up old house there lived a young girl. She had shiny, long, dark black hair that flowed behind her when she walked, and emerald green eyes. Having now just turned eighteen, Violet, had been legally aloud to be placed into a place from which her dad worked. The problem was, that this job was very secretive, and the only reason why she had been notified of its existence, was because her dad worked there. It was even so secretive, that Violet was not allowed to tell anyone about it, including her best friend Autumn.

Slender and beautiful, Autumn had long light brown hair, and light brown eyes. Seventeen years old with light, fair skin, Autumn was a very kind and thoughtful person. She was smart, talented, and was very loyal to her friends and family, including her best friend, Violet. But lately, they seemed to be distanced and far apart because Autumn had not seen Violet in a very long time. Lately Violet seemed to be skipping classes and missing school altogether. Whenever Autumn tried to go over to her house, she never seemed to be home, and Violet’s father told her she was sick, or made up one excuse after the other. This greatly depressed Autumn. They had been best friends for what seemed like forever. She was very worried, and without Violet, this small town seemed suddenly more dull and depressing. Autumn knew that she had to do something to fix it.

On the first day in weeks that Violet finally showed up for class, Autumn asked her if she wanted to stop by her place after school.

“It would only take a minute,” she said. “I just want to talk to you.” “Privately,” she added when one of their classmates looked at them.

But in that moment the teacher walked in the classroom automatically silencing the class, just as Violet looked at Autumn, and shook her head, showing a firm no.

As soon as the bell rang, to signal the end of the day, Violet quickly grabbed her things and ran out of the room, so as to stop Autumn from getting another chance to talk to her, but Autumn was too quick for her. Already having her stuff packed, she ran out of the room, following Violet as she went, quickly out of the old school, and into the even older town. Following Violet through the town, the two girls reached an old abandoned alleyway,and Violet turned sharply into an old pub, but when Autumn trying to follow suit, she tripped on a piece of broken curb. During the time in which she fell. In between the time it took her to get up, and the time it took her to look around, she had lost Violet altogether, and even though she searched for her thoroughly, she could not find her anywhere. Realizing that she was lost, Autumn walked away from the alleyway, and tried to retrace her steps so that she could get back home. Just as she found the correct path back home, she felt a strong set of hands pull her out of the air, and cover her mouth with a cloth in order to cover the scream that was forming in between her dry lips. Then,trying to scream in between the cloth muffling her noise, she felt herself get drowsy, and when she could no longer fight the drowsiness, she let it pull her under, and into the darkness.

The last thing Autumn remembered was being pulled into the darkness and away from the light when a big, strong set of arms that had grabbed her. She woke up with a dizzying headache, and a clueless sense to where she was, but was otherwise ok. Tight ropes bind her wrists, and tied her to an extremely uncomfortable chair. She was disoriented, and had no clue to where she was or what she was doing there. Then out of nowhere a deep, gruff voice said, “I know that you know her secret. Tell me how she is planning to stop me. It you do, you will not be harmed. But, if not-,” his voice trailed off.

“What,” she said confused.

“You know what,” continued the deep, rough voice, “Just tell me what you know, and you will leave unharmed.”

“But I don’t know anything,” she responded, ”and who are you by the way.”

“I am the one asking the questions,” he said, “But maybe-,”

He stepped out of the shadows and into the light and stared off into space for a moment, as though he was deep in thought. Then, he introduced himself.

“The names Earl,” he said, ”and you are?”

“Autumn,” she finished quickly.

They looked at each other for a moment and sat there in an undisturbed silence. As he was momentarily distracted, Autumn took it upon herself to test the bonds of the rope that held her firmly to the chair.

He watched her struggle against them for a moment and then said, ”Don’t bother. I double checked the rope before you woke up as to ensure that you wouldn’t break loose.”

She gazed up curiously at him, and then asked, ”So what do you want with me.”

“Answers,” he replied ,”and I want them soon,” he added.

“Well,” she said, ”You’re looking in the wrong place for I have no clue to what you are talking about, so how would I possibly know any of the answers to your questions.”

He walked out of the room, and then walked back in carrying a strange device, and started to hook her up to it. The wires of the machines were hooked up to sharp needles, and he jabbed them into different parts of her arms and legs. He then looked at her and told her what the machine did.

“It will let me know whether or not you are telling the truth,” he said. “So now tell me about that friend of yours.”

As Autumn recalled again that she had no idea to what he was talking about, the wires from the needles that he had placed in her started to increase pressure on her arms and legs and soon she felt a pain that she had no words to describe. It was an excruciating pain, and lasted for what seemed like hours until finally really slowly, the pressure began to release and she could feel like she could breath again. The machine started beeping and a small slip of paper fell to the ground revealing one tiny little world that she could read. Truth.

Earl gazed upon Autumn for a moment as to see straight into her soul to know whether or not she was telling the truth. Apparently convinced, he looked at her, shook his head once and then turned around and walked straight through the only door within the cramped room. When he returned, he carried a large knife and cut the rope off of her, then he harshly pulled the needles out of her arms and legs. Afterwards, he led her to an even tinier room than the one from which she had just retreated, with a small cot lying on the floor, which she took to be the place in which she would be staying for the night. Earl silently walked out of the room, and locked the door behind him, which Autumn knew because she heard the rattling of keys.

Autumn lied down on the tiny cot and let her worries flood her and take her away. He had tried to take the information from her by force. Information in which she knew nothing about. All of the realization that she had, came to her with her sudden rush of thoughts, and she was suddenly terrified of what could happen. Of what she would face tomorrow, of this Earl guy, and of what he might do to her. She let her terrified thoughts carry her away, until she couldn’t take it anymore and started to cry. She didn’t know how long she sat there and cried for, but she never stopped crying. Not until when sleep tried to overcome her did she finally take a breath, and then cried herself to sleep.

When she awoke she felt groggy, and the room around her was damp. She had awaken to a sudden noise of something outside clanging against her prison cell door. At first she thought that it had come from that annoying Earl guy, but then she realized he had the keys, and why would he get up early just to bang on it when he had a set of keys. Curious for what made that sound, she slowly and cautiously got out of bed and made her way to the door. What she saw amazed her. Through the jagged, rusty bars she made out a figure in all black trying to quietly break down the door to her prison. Autumn stood back and listened to the strange sounds happening on the other side of the door, until slowly, very slowly the door creaked open and there stood the figure in all back on the other side of it.

“Follow me,” the figure said, ”and I can get you out.

Though Autumn could not see the figure behind the mask, she decided that she was going to trust the mysterious person. For one, she could see no other option, and two because she recognized that voice somewhere. She could not place it, but felt as if she had heard it for years, and that the figure behind the mask was some old, childhood friend. Blindly following the figure out of the old abandoned warehouse, and Autumns former prison, the two of them ran straight back into town, and into the old pub that Autumn’s dad had taken her to as a kid.

“Thanks,” Autumn mumbled,” You saved my life back there, but who are you?” Soon, slowly but surely the stranger took of her mask, revealing not a stranger, but Violet.

“WHAT!!!!” exclaimed Autumn, “Since when have you been such a super spy?”

“Ever since I turned eighteen, these people came looking for me. They said that they had been examining me for a long time, and that they knew my father and trusted him well. When I asked them what they knew my father from they said a secret agency, and told me that  I would make a great agent, or spy for them. They tested me for days at a time and took me out of classes randomly, which is why I was randomly out of classes, and why my father claimed me to be ill, or made up excuses for my absences when you came to the door. I knew that you were eager to talk to me, but I couldn’t tell you. It pained me, but the only way that you could know is if you found out yourself, which is why I let you follow me that day after class. The one thing that I never expected that you would be kidnapped because Earl thought that you had information about me,” said Violet.

“Why did he think I knew any of these things about you. I had no clue,” said Autumn

Violet sighed, “I knew that as soon as I took this job it would put you in danger. You are after all my best friend. Anyone who was trying to hurt me, could do it through you, which is why I asked the organization to allow me to tell you my secret. I wanted to keep you safe, and I felt the only way to do so was to give you the information Earl wanted so that way you are not, in a sense, blind.Which is why the organization has agreed to let me tell you everything. I have some good news to tell you. The organization thought you handled that situation back there well. For that the organization would think that you would make a good agent. If you accept, you will be admitted into the organization with me,” she said. “So what do you say?”

“I….I...I say….Yes! Of course I would want to be in the organization with you,” said Autumn, ”So…..Where do we start?”

“At the scene of the crime,” replied Violet. “So what do you remember about your kidnapping?”

They sat there and talked for hours. Autumn about everything she could remember about her kidnapping, and Violet telling her all about the organization and how the bad guy, Earl, who had captured her was a notorious diamond thief and kidnapper that had been on the run from the organization for years. Each one only bothering to pause the other when a question came up. They talked until the early morning, and by the end they both felt much much better and more relaxed about the day ahead than when they started.

As the girls walked out of the old pub together, they came up with a plan to catch the mysterious Earl, the notorious diamond thief.

“I am very sorry Autumn,” Violet started, “but you have to go back to the cell in which I helped you to escape.”

“What,” exclaimed Autumn, “But why?”

“Because now that me and the organization know where he is hiding, we can finally keep tabs on him and catch him in the act once and for all. I am really sorry Autumn, but it's the only way. If he finds out you escaped then he would know that we know and would go back into hiding again. But make no mistake, he will not give up on trying to find you. Now that he knows I am connected to you, he will not rest until he has you in his clutches again. You would not be safe until we finally caught him, and that is highly unlikely as he has been on the run for years. But, with your help we may just catch him now.

Autumn hearing this news was now more frightened of her kidnapper than ever, but she knew what she had to do. She  made no move to speak, afraid what may come out of her mouth, but instead started to walk up the path towards the old abandoned warehouse. Violet, solemnly swearing she would repay her friend later, and admire her courage now, followed her up the path towards the warehouse. They walked together, each one not daring to disturb the silence between them, and finally after much sneaking, as to not be seen, they made their way into the warehouse and towards an unknown world.

When they reached the old cellar within the warehouse, Autumn walked into, mumbled a quick goodbye to Violet, and allowed herself to be locked in the place in which she had been rescued. She laid in her cot for a moment and thought of what might happen next. She was after all dealing with an unknown criminal whom had just previously stuck needles in her to try and figure out a truth in which she had not had. In fact the only reason why she had been spared is because she had not known the truth about Violet so he had not been able to take any information from her, yet. Fear flooded Autumn, what would happen now that she knew the truth. Her head was screaming with terror. She must find Violet. She must find Violet and get out of this place now. She jumped up from her cot on the floor, desperate to find a way out, but with no such luck. She heard the unmistakable rattle of keys just outside of the door, and froze on the spot. Slowly the door opened, revealing a man whom she was now terrified of. What would he do to find out her secret? What lengths would he go through to take it from her? A secret that was not even hers to tell. Did he know that she knew what was going on, or did he think that she was just that helpless girl, and the same as yesterday, before Violet had just told her everything? She was panicked, and soon fear flooded her whole body,  but just then, Earl saved her the trouble from being able to worry too much when he spoke in his deep, thick voice.

“I know everything that happened last night,” he said. “All about how she helped you escape, how she took you to the pub, and told you everything. And now you are going to pay.”  And that is when the room when dark.

When Autumn woke up she felt the tight bonds of rope tying her wrist together, the cloth laid over her mouth and over eyes so that she could not speak or see. She could hear the wind whistling in her ears and guessed that she was in a car that was speeding down a highway. She laid there and listened for what seemed like forever, until finally the car stopped and the door open. She was suddenly lifted into the air and was carried harshly over into some doors, and then thrown onto the ground. She then felt Earl slice the bonds on her wrists and when she was untied harshly placed her into a chair in the center of the small room. Before she could recover from the shock he had slung himself over her, and was now tying her to the chair.  Then he got off of her and he harshly spoke.

“We are in a place which your friend will never find you. Now tell me what you know, or I promise you will suffer the consequences,” Earl said.

Instead of speaking, Autumn kept her mouth shut, afraid she would not be able to keep her voice from cracking.

“Fine,” Earl started, “Have it your way.”

Then he walked over and opened a small box in the center of the room, revealing a valve in the center of the room, and told her to call for him when she was ready to confess. He swiftly walked out of the room, leaving her to her own thoughts, although she did not understand what a small valve could do to her, at least not until the room started to flood with water. Autumn shrieked with shock and terror. She had to find a way out of this before she drowned but how? She thought long and hard about what she should do, when she realized the whole reason in which she had become an agent.

“Earl,” she shouted, “Earl I am ready to tell the truth.

As soon as she had said those words, water stopped spilling into the room and Earl walked in with a smug grin on his face as if he had just won.  

“Spill it,” he said.

“I...I…” begain Autumn. She took a deep breath because she would have to look and play the part convincingly if this was ever going to work. After she had composed herself, she began to create the most telltale lie that she had ever made in her entire life. Weaving the different thoughts that were going in and out of her head, Autumn was able to create a very well told lie that she thought would trick the cunning Earl. She had played her part very well, because by the end of it, Earl seemed convinced of her story, and he simply strode out of the room without a second glance as he locked the door behind him. Autumn waited until she heard Earl’s very last footprints fade, and then sought out a plan to get herself out of her binds. Then, she realized in all his rush to get answers he had forgotten to bind her legs to the chair. The chair didn’t feel very sturdy, so Autumn stood up and fell flat on her backside so she could crush the chair. When she fell on her back it was very loud and painful, but it seemed to have done the job because the chair was now completely broken. Wiggling out of the broken chair pieces and the rope Autumn started to untie her hands. When that was done she waited very patiently and silently for Earl to come back, for she had to wait for him to unlock the door so she could hide out of sight where he would not be able to see her when he came in and unlocked the door. And she was correct. After just minutes of waiting Earl came back and opened the door, and upon quickly inspected the room and confirming that Autumn was not there sprinted into the hall, leaving the door open and unlocked. Autumn sneaked through the door and out into the hallway, as quickly and quietly as she could. She sneaked and creeped along the deserted hallway until she reached the door which lead her outside. She inspected her new surroundings, a big forest with lots of trees, animals, and life. She was in the middle of a jungle, and Autumn realized she was very far from home. Where would she go? She figured any place was better than her former prison, so she hurried in a direction, which she believed was North, and set off admiring the view as she went until she ran into someone.

“Violet,” Autumn exclaimed.

“Autumn! You’re ok! I’ve been searching all over the country for you! Do you know where Earl is? Do we have a chance of catching him?” Violet asked.

“Yes, bring your troops and let’s hurry. I think we still have a chance of getting him,” replied Autumn. Together the two girls searched the perimeter of the place where Autumn was held and together they apprehended the diamond thief, and kidnapper, Earl. Upon searching the premises they found his life's work,everything he had stolen, and were able to return it to their proper places. Earl was thrown in jail, and the two girls were left to discuss everything that had happened.  

When they finally set down to talk, Autumn told Violet how Earl had known of their plan and how she had created a convincing lie that allowed all of their secrets to be kept, the diamond thief apprehended and giving Autumn an opportunity to escape. Violet had told Autumn what had happened when she was knocked out by Ear,l how he had been on the run for a day, how she had searched the whole country for her, and had just been able to find her this afternoon.The girls talked all evening, until finally after a very long and exhausting day went to bed.

The girls lives picked up after that incident. The stood closer together for they had experienced something no one ever has before, which in the end made them become closer friends. All in all, the girls lives soon went back to normal, except for the fact that they hung out even more to make up for the lost time, and oh ya. Did I mention they sometimes skip classes to capture bad guys together?


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