The Kingdom of 100,001 planets and 500 asteroids

by Osayd B., Age 9 , Grade 3

The Kingdom of 100,001 planets and 500 asteroids

By Osayd Bhutta


Present day: Massachusetts 2016

Paul sat watching news, “New York City has been attacked by UFOs. They have said intangible words but we did make out this sentence, ‘Bort st will rule gurlg’ before the UFO was shot down by the U.S army…” Paul turned off the TV “New York is under attack we’ll be next”, he muttered to himself. There was a shudder and then, it was darkness.


10,000 years later: Earth 12016

Chapter 1

“Prince Arthur I need to talk to you.” said Pierce, Prince Arthur’s most trusted advisor. “Are you sure moving our base to E33 is wise? No offence” Pierce added hastily. “No offence taken” said Arthur. “So going back to my point, it is surrounded by Bort’s bots.” Pierce exclaimed. ”We will just destroy them” replied Arthur. “But how”, asked Pierce. “Easy! We outnumber them 100 to 1” Arthur replied.


When they are invading E33:

Chapter 2

In a super tent (made out of iron):

A messenger burst through with a smile on his face, “We have won! And we haven’t lost a single soldier or spaceship! Hurray!” Arthur turned to face Pierce with a grin on his face, “I told you it was a good idea!”, “I never said it was a bad idea” mumbled Pierce.


E33 Reconquered

Chapter 3

“Sire there are 100,00 bots and 50,000 spaceships coming to get us. Should we retreat or defend?” asked the General. “We should defend our base. Are the traps and defenses built?” asked Arthur. “Yes Sir!” confirmed the General.



In the midst of battle

Chapter 4

Pierce ran up to Arthur and shouted, “We have lost! We have to retreat!”. “OK, gather the survivors!” instructed Arthur. Pierce ran on to a rock and yelled “RETREAT!!!” and then they ran with 100 soldiers into hiding.


Destroying Bort

Chapter 5

Ten years after the fatal battle on E33, Pierce and Arthur have gathered 515,959 soldiers from different planets. They now have 512,817 spaceships and are flying to Bort’s headquarters.

While everyone was fighting, Arthur and Pierce snuck up into Bort’s room with Star-Sabers* and Anti-Evil* guns. Bort was awake and Arthur had a fight. Bort screamed, “I will destroy you!!!” Then Arthur replied, while Pierce was badly hurt and laying on the ground groaning from pain, “Your reign is over Bort!!!” Arthur unexpectedly stabbed his Star-Saber into Bort’s heart while saying “That was for Pierce”. Then Arthur picked up Pierce and placed him into the care of a Nurse-Bot. These Nurse Bots can heal any wound within one minute. Arthur dashed towards Bort’s bots and held up his crown. When the bots saw Bort’s crown with Arthur, they self-destructed.

But Bort wasn’t really dead. He actually disguised himself as a janitor named Volt, and lurked in Arthur’s spaceship. Bort was scheming to assassinate Arthur.


To be continued…


*Star-Saber: An upgraded light saber for Arthur

*Anti-Evil gun: An upgraded gun that shoots a tiny Star-Saber.





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