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A Letter to Focus Home Interactive

by Brent M., Age 12 , Grade 6, Mark Merrigan, Louisville, KY USA
Teacher: Ms. Reinhardt

Brent Merrigan


Mrs. Reinhart


A letter to Focus Home Interactive


Dear Focus Home Interactive.

Hi my name is Brent and I am excited about your new Styx’s game but there are problems you need to fix.

 First you need to make Styx’s less floaty so that you don’t over shot and miss the jump. This will make platforming easier and making you able to get away from guards easier as well and that leads on to my next point the guards

 AI.I think you should make it more intelligent. An example is when you kill a guard and he goes missing the other guard should go and look for the other one and if he doesn’t find him then he should get worried and pull out his weapon. Now some people won’t like this so you should but this on hard mode.

 Next is the people you encounter they are dull and forgettable. The only interesting character is Styx’s and Rakash. I think you should have an order of assassins or a thieves guild or some group you could join.

 Last complaint is the game breaking glitch I experienced at the end of the game. I don’t know if other people experienced this glitch but it made my game unplayable for a while. What happened was the game was stuck on the loading screen and then crashed the game. Please fix this problem before you release the game.

 These are my only complaints again Styx’s was a pretty good stealth game and I can’t wait for the next one.



PS you should add more amber abilities.   

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