My Moped

by Carson H., Age 11 , Grade 6, St Francis of Assisi, Louisville, KY USA
Teacher: Sarah Reinhart

Carson Hall


Mrs. Reinhart



Hi, my name is Carson.

I want a colorful bike.

Yes a colorful bike.

So I can be noticed racing through traffic, trying to make people know no matter what happens you can make fun out of it even if it’s a colorful bike.

Goggles, helmet, and my track suit.

But guess what my dad got me?

A bright pink MOPED!

Yes, I love it.

Racing down Fourth Street on my MOPED!

One day I decided “I am going to strap a TURBO to my MOPED!”

Then after that my moped was like it was from Ghost Busters since it had all that bulk to it.

People looking from churches, Walmart, and Auto Zone.

People looking would be like “Dang, look at that ride”

Might as well be looking to sell your Lamborghini for my moped.

Might as well sell your house for my moped cause once you drive it you’ll never get off it.

You could even out run “Stalker Clause 2”with my pink moped.

With my moped you could sneak it into any marathon like the Boston, Massachusetts.    

Taking corners with my moped is like slicing through butter with a knife.

Doing wheelies is even easy while on my moped.

I be like bike life at its best even going on a moped.







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