Spy Babies

by Fiona G., Age 11 , Grade 6


Spy Babies


            Jerald and Lucia are adopted twin babies from Mexico, their new parents are Harold and Sophia. They might look normal to you but Jerald and Lucia have their own baby language. When they were first born, they were put in the same crib and have had a great connection ever since.

The first time they went to their new house, Harold and Sophia were very shaky because Jerald and Lucia were just sitting there staring at them with nothing in their eyes but dark secrets. As the days went on, Jerald and Lucia were acting a little more like other babies—crying, laughing, and playing. Harold and Sophia had no idea what was going on with the twins. They thought the twins were coming down with a fever, but they were getting secret messages from the Spy Babies Government.

Jerald and Lucia aren’t normal babies. They’re spies. They were going to take the place of their real parents when they grew up, but a sudden death of both parents left them in charge. Nobody but Jerald and Lucia knows that Harold and Sophia are mastermind criminals. The twins are in charge of informing the Government of where they are going and what they are doing.

One day while Harold and Sophia was upstairs and Jerald and Lucia were downstairs playing, a man walked in. You would think the twins would start to cry when a stranger comes by, but, no, they stayed silent and got that same evil look in their eyes. The man walked outside and put the twins in his big, white limo with car seats that fit them perfectly.

After while, Sophia came down to check on the babies and feed them lunch. “Curse you, you stupid government!” Sophia yelled. Harold huffed as he came down the steps. “No, we can’t risk our lives going there just for two, little babies who aren’t even ours!” exclaimed Sophia.

“Fine, let’s go,” he said.

They climbed onto their hover boards and flew to the Baby Spies Government. As they approached the Government, they saw Jerald and Lucia with flame throwers!

And that was the end of Sophia and Harold, for now!






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