A Kitty's Tale

by Paxson S., Age 11 , Grade 6, St.Francis of Asisi, Louisville, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Mrs.Reinhart


         This is the story of me, Nacho, a brave kitten from the day I was born till the day I was adopted.  This is my adoption story.  I am a white and orange kitty with a lemur’s tail and my brother was adopted before I could see him.

             This journey started in a house that burned down and my mother had escaped just in the nick of time. My mom was just about to give birth when she found a box where she could lie down in and give birth to four beautiful babies. I was the last to come and the runt of the litter.  A few hours later my brother and I were found by a nice couple who took us in. They already had two cats but we weren’t bothered by them. However, this happiness only lasted a week.

          They had to give me to a pet shop because they couldn’t pay for another cat. Luckily, the pet shop took us in.  Our life was pretty good in the pet shop. We were in a cage with the best food and water they could give us.  Tons of people pet and held us and soon my brother was bought. It was a sad day for me. 

           Now that my brother was gone all I did was eat and sleep. I wasn’t as playful. I was sad as a dark, rainy day until a guy named Tye walked into the store, he was a special needs child. He held me and played with me. He was the sunshine at the end of the dark cave but sadly he had to go home. I was sad again. 

           The next few days people would come and hold me but then they had to go home. I was still adjusting to life without my brother. Then two kids walked in with their father. The boy had had dirty blonde hair and the girl had long blonde hair with freckles. Their father had gray hair with khakis and a goatee. The boy went to ask about an axolotl or something and the girl woke me up and held me for at least ten minutes while the boy was looking at lizards. I actually liked this girl so I started purring like a car engine.  Then the boy came over and started to pet me and hold me so I purred more and then they asked their dad if they could adopt me. He said no but they were persistent and kept on asking. After about 20 minutes he said maybe and then the boy said, “I can give you my one hundred dollar bill to pay for him,” and the dad said “let me talk to mom.”

            I was so happy I was out of my cage and maybe going to get adopted I said “Meow” and that was the first time I had ever meowed. Anyway, after what seemed like hours and hours they finally made the decision to adopt me.  After they bought me they put me in a box which I think was a teleporter. One moment I was at the pet shop and the next in some weird thing. They took me out of the teleporter and held me and this weird machine moved but I don’t know how. They took me into a huge cage they called their bedroom and gave me food and water.

                     This cage had a toy and they added a hammock. Soon they introduced me to KK and Rosy they were ok but they growled after a while.  They didn’t hiss and they let them out that night. Someone new came to see me, it was their mom and she was nice and she loved me but the humans seemed like giants to me.

            That night I thought to myself this is my new family and I love them.  The next morning they left early to go to a mud run. I was lonely again, my heart felt like a rock. I was also sad and my tears fell like rain. I tried to cheer up and play with the toy some and slept a little. Finally, they came back later that evening.

            The next day the kids left for something called school and afterward they got me a new toy and they sprayed me with something that stank a lot but killed the fleas in my fur. This is where I am now, a cat in a big human cage with a big family that loves me! I learned to always have hope, even when things look the worst.

                                                                                                                                                   Sincerely, Nacho 

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