by Henry, Age 12 , Grade 6, St.Francis of Assisi, Louisville, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Mrs. Rienhart

Henry Murr

Mrs. Rienhart

Language Arts

September 21, 2016


            “Bye.” Conner’s parents told him as they rolled out of the driveway going to a concert with their friends. Finally, Conner thought to himself. This was the first time he has been able to stay home by himself in three weeks since “The Glue Incident” when Conner was making a project for school and some glue from his project fell on the floor and his pit bull named Rufus  licked it they rushed Rufus to the vet but he still died. He was only sad that it happened because after that he had to stay home with his grandma who couldn’t even get the TV to turn on!  He never really cared for dogs but his mom said Rufus was the worst dog she ever had to make Conner feel better but he knew she was lying.

Before Conner’s mom left she made him promise that he could only watch TV till nine and then he had to brush his teeth and go to bed, and never not ever go outside if there were noises. But Conner decided watching a squirrel was more important than listing to his mom. So Conner watched Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. Finally, as the movie was coming to an end Conner’s eyes widened as he realized that it was ten thirty! Conner looked at the clock again to make sure because it felt like he was playing for thirty minutes not an hour and a half! Conner rushed to turn everything of and not because of what his mom said but because he knew his dumb neighbors would tell his parents that he stayed up late when they got home.

Just as he turned off the final light and going upstairs to go to bed he started hearing these noises,

“Grrrrrrrr…. Grrrrrrr….” Conner had heard these sounds before but never had he heard them this loud. He tried to close his eye and think of good things like the Indiana Jones movie, or some awesome music but the weird sound just got louder. Conner closed his eyes then he heard a crash.

“That is it!” Conner said to himself as he got out of his bed and stomped down the steps to open the back door and find out what kind of dumb person would be in his back yard at ten forty five! Just as Conner slammed open the door all of his anger turned into fear as he saw Rufus’ grave that his whole family made cracked into a million pieces. Conner took a step back onto his porch and yelled,

“Hey, stop messing with me you… weirdo!” As Conner thought that he scared the person away he heard the sound get louder but this time he ran as fast as he could back to his house but before he got there some thing scratched him. Blood started oozing out of his leg then he yelled,

“Help!”   But no one heard him. As the sound got closer Conner realized what the sound was, it was Rufus growl. Conner looked at his old dog and how bad his skin and body looked. Conner screamed at Rufus but he kept coming closer and closer until Conner could smell his breath then Rufus took his revenge.

When Conner’s parents came home from the movies they tiptoed up the stairs trying not to wake him. They went up to Conner’s bed to find that he was not there. They heard a shout for help. Then they ran downstairs to see Conner’s lifeless body and a dog sprinting away. Conner’s mom screamed but there was nothing that she could do. Rufus had took his revenge.   










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