A Certain Person Is Being Really Selfish

by Maia K., Age 11 , Grade 6, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School, Louisville, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Sarah Reinhart

David was an ordinary guy who worked at the Gerbilton Taco Bell. He was happily married to a beautiful lady named Karma. He wasn’t too different from everybody else….. until 26 years after a mountain climber had died from falling off Mt. Pike. Gerbilton was located on the side of Mt. Pike in Colorado, and it had seen its fair share of mountain climbers. But only one had ever died.

Anyway, back to the story. David was riding his little bicycle to the Taco Bell when a dumpster moved. A pale, translucent figure rose up, and David recognized it as the ghost of the man who had died. It zipped towards him, screeching “I will destroy this cursed town!”

When it reached him, something odd happened. The ghost disappeared, and he blacked out. David had been possessed. Because David had no memory of this, I cannot tell this from where he was. I will now continue telling this story from the point of view of Henry.

Henry was heading to work at his little vegetable shop when he saw the thing. It was tearing up the alleyway, screeching garbled words at the top of his lungs. Henry’s eyes widened when he recognized it as David, the helpful young man at Taco Bell. He ran as fast as his old legs would carry him and leaped into the nearest manhole. He thought he was safe, but as his luck would have it, the thing fell into the hole with him.Henry dived behind a pile of what looked like spoiled meat and fruit to hide. It seemed to work. While it was looking around, confused, he got a better look at whatever David had become. He was paler than usual and black scars covered his arms and legs. One of his legs was broken, but by far the worst thing was the giant, bleeding gash in his chest. Evidently he gave up on Henry, because he started to run the other way. Well, it didn’t exactly run, more of a slightly fast walk. Henry crept along after it. He had to warn people!

 He came to an intersection and stopped, unsure of which way the thing had gone. He heard a scream echoing through the left passageway. He realized it was Frank, the hobo that lived in the sewers. He peeked down that tunnel and saw David moving away from a body that had been ripped and smashed to pieces. He decided not to go that way and instead took the ladder on the wall. He came up on the sidewalk outside of the animal shelter and ran inside.

The man at the desk (whose name tag read Carson McDonaldson) wrinkled his nose. “Would you like to adopt one of our kittens today, sir? They are on sale for a limited time only!” Henry collapsed in front of him, yelling “No time! It’s coming! It probably heard me and now it’s coming!! Quick! Hide!” He desperately crawled towards the nearest supply closet, tugging the man along with him.

Unfortunately, Carson McDonaldson used to be a security guard at the White House and forcefully resisted. Henry let go and disappeared between the mops in the closet. He found an uncovered vent just big enough for him to crawl through and entered. He lost all track of time desperately crawling through, but just as his arthritis started acting up, he stopped. There was a pair of eyes.

A girl whispered “Shh. It’s right outside.” She pulled out a knife and a cleaver, and grabbed a frying pan from her unzipped backpack. She tossed him the frying pan. “Here, you’ll need it. I raided the supermarket. The guy’s already dead. Name’s McKenna, by the way.” Henry realized she had seen David and started bombarding her with questions. “How did you get in here? Did you see the thing? How many people survived?” “Whoa, slow down. There are a lot of entrances to these pipes; I came in through the gas station. Yes, I saw it. I’ve been in here for a while, but at last count, 15 survivors.”

Henry decided that, with Gerbilton’s population of 2500, 15 survivors was definitely not a good amount. He decided the best plan of action was to go out there and kill David before he could kill anyone else. “Where’s the closest exit? We have to save the town.” “The closest exit would be under the bananas in the supermarket.” “Then let’s go.” They raced down the pipe towards the supermarket. The girl seemed to know where everything was, and Henry had no trouble keeping up with all the twists and turns.

When they finally reached their destination, chilling screams announced that they were too late. Henry shoved himself out from under the bananas and smacked a watermelon, thinking it was David’s head. You see, Henry was 87 and had some vision problems. David turned and purposefully moved towards Henry, breathing heavily and making strange gurgling sounds.

McKenna leaped out behind him with her knife drawn, ready to attack. She moved up behind him and was about to plunge her knife into his head when he turned. David grabbed her neck and snapped it cleanly in half. Her body crumpled to the floor next to a woman Henry recognized as David’s wife, Karma. She was bleeding from her throat and forehead, and her arm had been torn off and carelessly thrown into the produce.

Henry was the last survivor of the Gerbilton Massacre. He raised his frying pan and smacked David in the nose. He ignored the blow and kept steadily coming for him. Henry realized running was his best option, but he was tired and his joints were aching. He made one last desperate scramble for the open vent, but a flash of pain from behind made him stop. The blood-covered bananas were the last thing he would ever see. He keeled over, a cleaver firmly lodged in his spine. The climber had gotten his revenge at last…



Afterwards, David’s memory started to slowly fade in as he collapsed. He was so tired; what had he done?  He felt sharp bursts of pain all along his arms and when he looked, he had giant burns and blisters all over. He gasped for air, feeling like his lungs were caving in and collapsing. With his last breath, he looked around at the rubble and blood. Now he remembered what had happened. He had caused all this. He wanted to go help, if anyone was still alive. But he never got the chance to repair the damage he had done. He collapsed, dying and alone, surrounded by the bodies of the people he had unconsciously killed.

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