No Control

by Elyse S., Age 15 , Grade 10, Flushing High School, Flushing, MI USA

No Control,

When the class of 2019 went to Washington DC,

On the bus when we slept and people ended up sleeping in the walkway of the bus.

Inside the hotel when one of the boys across the hall clogged up the toilet & it over flowed on the first night.

When in the hotel room my roommates were being too loud so the hall monitor came in and told us to quiet down.

Because we have,

No Control.

When at The White House, Noah touched something inside the ropes and got yelled at,

Right after we were told to not touch anything.

And The White House dogs they told us not to pet,

So what did a kid do?

Pet it and almost got bit.

Because we have,

No Control.

Walking at the Thomas Jefferson memorial with Luke and he’s reading every panel we walk past out loud.

At a state with water Luke saying that I should go in the water with the “canoe” we brought and go on a ride.

Because we have,

No Control.

When it was dark outside on the bus when Wyatt set off the flash on his box camera,

And woke everyone up and yelled at him.

So whenever it was dark again he would try to do “The Flash”.

At the pool by the yoga part, Luke doing his “yoga”.

Him running away from me and me chasing after him through the hotel in out swimsuits,

Till he fell down.

Because we have,

No Control.

In the elevator, Luke and I were on at night,

Too many people were on it so it was over the weight capacity limit,

An alarm started going off, with strangers on it except for us,

It’s packed and he’s yelling at me to get off,

Than as everyone gets off at their floor he tells them,

Good night,

He hopes they had a good ride up to their floor,

And he will see them tomorrow.

Because we have,

No Control.

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