The Concert

by Elyse S., Age 15 , Grade 10, Flushing High School, Flushing, MI USA

The One Direction concert,

My 2nd concert ever,

The 1st the same band,

My favorite band,

One Direction.

It’s very loud inside,

Ear piercing screams,

And music blaring through the speakers,

There are a lot of people,

It is very crowded.

Before it starts I see,

The boys going down a ramp backstage,

As I looked through the binoculars we brought and watched them,

Louis’s late so the concert starts later.

The lights dim and everyone starts screaming,

The intro video plays,

Then silence….,

The boys come on stage with huge smiles,

And everyone’s screaming and singing along.

I hear British accents talking to the crown,

I see the boys have a fight with silly string,

Louis is spraying it on the crowd and on Niall’s guitar,

Then he gets a super soaker and gets everyone wet,

We sing Happy Birthday to Liam,

It’s his 22nd Birthday.

I’m very happy,

I have goose bumps from seeing them,

I love them.

There are 3D laser lights,

Red and white streamers coming down from the ceiling,

The boys sing Best Song Ever,

They start running back and forth,

Thanking us for being there with them.

Then they take hands,

Put them up,

And bow.

They run slowly off the stage,

Niall being the last to go off stage,

And it’s time to go home,

Feeling happy that I saw them, but sad that it’s over.


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