by Divinity, Age 13 , Grade 8
Teacher: Ms. Cutshall


Adira could see the bright sunny day and the soft blowing of palm trees as she looked out the window of the landing airplane. She, and her two siblings, Gracen and Evenley, were just landing in Miami, Florida for a weekend vacation at their aunt’s house. A few hours ago, they had left their home, the big city of New York. Each of them had dark brown hair, with Adira wearing a gray and black hoodie, Gracen wearing a dark blue t-shirt, and Evenley wearing a light blue one. Like most people, they wore the classic dark blue jeans. None of them were twins, but they looked very close to it.

Soon enough, Adira heard the clicking of seatbelts and the sound of people getting up to leave for get their bags.

“Come on,” she told her brother and sister as she unbuckled her seatbelt and started to move out of the plane. Gracen stayed put with headphones on, looking at his tablet.

“Gracen,” Evenley said to him.

“Huh?” he looked up, suddenly realizing what was going on. “Oh,” Getting up, he followed Adira and Evenley.

Adira was relieved to stand after so many hours and was eager to explore the city and see the different beaches Miami had. However, she was most excited to see her Aunt Emma. Last time she saw her, she had been ten and that was four years ago. The three of them soon made it to the main building after walking for a few minutes out of the tunnels from the plane to the airport. None of them could see her at first, but they finally made it to their aunt, greeting each other right after. She had her usual dark black wavy hair, wearing a white fancy shirt and black leggings.  After picking up a few suitcases, each of them got into her car a few minutes later. It wasn’t long until Aunt Emma drove her white corvette into the driveway of her house. By then, the sun had disappeared, being covered by the darkness of the clouds and the sprinkling of rain.

“I have a few guest bedrooms. You could put your stuff  in whatever room you want to sleep in and we’ll probably get something to eat in a few. “ Emma uttered once they got in the door.

Adira felt excited about everything going on, leaving her excitement to decline after her aunt got off the phone with her job.

“My job just called in,” she said. “I’m gonna have to go in for work until seven for a meeting,”

“Oh,” Adira said but grew silent.

“I’m sorry,” Emma said. “I’ll try to get back as soon as possible.” Adira gave her aunt a hug, as she left.  She almost walked out the door but stopped. “Also, can you shut the windows in the house? I heard it’s going to rain a little harder.”

After watching Aunt Emma leave and shutting every window she saw, Adira dropped onto the couch and turned on the TV. By the time Gracen and Evenley walked into the room, Adira could hear thunder roaring in the background.

“Where’s Aunt Emma? Are we still going to get something to eat? I’m pretty hungry!” ” Evenley said.

“She had to go to work, she’ll be home by seven.” Adira said as she used the remote to skip through channels.

“Why?” Gracen uttered as he sat down on the couch.

“I think it was about a meeting.”

An hour went by, leaving the rain to pour down harder and the wind to increase. It got louder and louder each minute soon leaving the annoyed Evenley to walk over to the window and see what was happening.

“Wow, it’s ugly out there,” she said. “Wow..”

Evenley could practically see the strength of the wind with the palm trees being force and yanked out of the ground.  Gracen walked up to the window leaving Adira to walk up a few seconds later.

“Whoa!” Gracen gasped.

     “I’m turning on the news.” Adira quickly walked toward the TV remote, changing it to channel two.

She soon saw a man on the television discussing news about a car accident that happened a week ago. However, she felt her attention being drawn to the bottom of the screen.… she thought to herself. It was a hurricane warning, and it was right in the middle of her area.

“We got to move.” She said quickly. “Let’s go,” she grabbed a stack of pillows and walked quickly to the basement. Her attention was taken away from the TV but it showed in bold letters that a tsunami was to take place as well.

“What’s going on?” Evenley asked when they made it to the basement. Adira could hear some panic in her voice.

“Hurricane,” she said. “We got to get away from the windows and…”

“How about over here?” Gracen interrupted, kneeling under the stairs they came down.

Each of them were soon under the stairs covered in pillows and blankets.  Although she didn’t show it, Adira felt like she was going to faint. What if they were doing everything all wrong? What if they were sheltering in the wrong place? If all her questions were proven true, Adira knew it would be too late to leave the place under the stairs.

“Are we going to be okay?” Evenley said.

“We should be,” Adira replied. They had to be. What would their parents do if they didn't make it back to New York?

Adira’s phone suddenly vibrated rapidly with a storm warning on the screen, but it was already too late to see what came next. Piles of water crashed into the windows, flooding the basement to the brim. None of them had time to prepare as Adira felt herself being pushed under the icy cold water and back up again.  Adira was flung outside but she found herself still under the watery depths. Finally, she surfaced, panicked when she noticed the water was covering everything but the roofs of houses.

“Adira!” she heard Gracen call out.

Adira felt herself relax a little bit when she saw both Gracen and Evenley swimming toward her, however she felt like it wasn’t over yet. In any second,, she felt like she would let her siblings down and could do nothing to stop it.

“We need to get to higher ground.” The only thing was, Adira could see that a roof of a building almost covered was the best option. There was nothing else. “Let's go,” she said as she felt rain splash onto her.

By the time the three got to a roof of a house, Adira felt almost her whole body was numb from the cold waters. Each of them were cold, but could do nothing but wait for something or someone, unless they wanted to face death trying to swim somewhere else. When an hour passed, not even a boat drove passed them. If they didn’t move now, Adira knew they would be stuck there...or worse.

“We have to get out of here.” Adira uttered. “We can’t stay.”

“How? If we try to swim, someone will probably freeze to death.” Gracen replied.

Adira though for a moment. If she failed, it would be better for her to die then Evenley or Gracen. “I’m dry enough. I’ll get something.” she said, automatically feeling she had made a wrong choice.  After jumping into the water, she swam farther and farther away from them, trying to fight the urge to turn back and give up, ignoring Gracen’s protest.

Adira kept feeling the burning of the water against her skin. Ignoring it, she went underwater regularly, trying to look for wreckage that might help. She felt even more panicked when she couldn’t find anything.

Unexpectedly, Adira soon noticed the bright light of a helicopter coming toward her. Adira waved her arms in excitement and yelled as loud as she could, soon getting their attention. After Adira climbed her way up to the helicopter, the man and woman controlling it, picked up Evenley and Gracen making her feel relieved.  Taking a deep breath, she relaxed, feeling the worry move away from her.

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