What I know

by Peyton S., Age 12 , Grade 7, South East Jr. High, Iowa City, IOWA USA
Teacher: Mr Keller Willson

Title: Where I’m From

Iowa city my home. Iowa city the smooth and loving place the look of hipsters and their goatees and the happy children. And smog from Quaker oats to the smell of Hamburg Inn. and the many monuments like the original capital of Iowa City. It's a lovely place you probably check it out sometime.

I LOVE VIDEO GAMES! There probably the only thing I do on my free time. I play games from Nintendo to Microsoft. They're so fun just like Pokemon it's an RPG/story type game. Think about Call Of Duty it's a FPS game that has a slight story in the campaign but otherwise a really good game apart the blood but yeah! Good game! You should pick up a mouse or a controller and play a video game every now and then.

CATS! Cats I do enjoy as a pet but I really don’t have a perfor a certain animal. Short hairs are the hardest to bathe out of all. So soft and fluffy and cute. The Sphynx breed I just find really weird. But my favorite would be the Siamese hey just have really cool markings on them!


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